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Nxzllnr Reviews (Jan) Is It The Legit Business?

Nxzllnr Reviews (Jan) Is It The Legit Business? -> Please go through the above article for a brief study about the site and the one store to see if the site is legit or not.

Are you looking for a legitimate online and reasonable online stores to shop from? Want to know about some legit online stores that sell kitchen machines? If yes, then here is a unique online store that offers a wide variety of kitchen products which is situated in the United States. The store is Nxzllnr. But before saying anything about the store, let us first look at the Nxzllnr Reviews

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What is nxzllnr.com? 

Nxzllnr.com is a website which sells the variety of kitchen products. This is one of the online stores which sells multiple kitchen products with different assortments. This may give you a choice of purchasing among a variety of products.


  • Type of Website – E-commerce website offering kitchen products
  • Mode of payments – Visa, Mastercard, Western Union and Bank transfer
  • Shipping duration – 2 business days
  • Return – within 30 days of buying
  • Refunds – After receiving the product back
  • Products – Coffee makers, food processors and stand mixers
  • Company’s physical address – Not mentioned
  • Company’s contact mail ID – email@customercarefor.com
  • Company’s contact number – Not mentioned
  • Age of domain – 10 months

Pros of shopping from Nxzllnr

  • Great customer satisfaction
  • Delivery around the mentioned date
  • Good quality kitchen machines
  • Has not reported for containing any malicious activity
  • Nxzllnr Reviews show that the site uses a secure HTTPS connection which means that the customer’s information is secured with this site

Cons of shopping from Nxzllnr

  • Alexa ranking is 0, which means that the site has no or 0 traffic
  • The site is not at all popular
  • It has no traffic or pageviews at all
  • No customers reviews are available for this site
  • The social media icons are mentioned on the site, but it redirects on its website itself
  • The domain is not even one year old which makes it very difficult to check the reviews and take proper feedback from customers

Is Nxzllnr Legit?

Our research shows that the website can be a scam site. The domain as purchased on 13-03-2020 and its roots are situated in the United States. The website might have much lower traffic than other places, but it seems to be somewhat safe. Any website that uses HTTPS connection has it all customer’s data secure with it. Anyone purchasing the products online can trust the website for not sharing personal data with other websites.

The domain is too young to be judged in such a short span. However, no one would consider shopping from an online store that has been established a few months back.

What are Nxzllnr Reviews?

The website has no popularity. No reviews are there about the website to tell if the website has legit products or not. Not to emphasise that the traffic on this site is not enough to rank it on Alexa. Any site that gets 0 Alexa ranking is dealing with 0 or no traffic at all. Looking at the exterior of this site, we could make anyone believe that the site is legit. But it is quite clear that exterior appearances can be misleading sometimes. Our in-depth research work is enough to answer “No” to this question – Is  Nxzllnr Legit?”

This online store seems extremely suspicious. The web page is secretive as it is not easy to search it on google or other search engines. Also, its popularity is shallow, which points straight to the fact that this site’s legitimacy is somewhat doubtful. The developer of this site is also not known and cannot be identified. But it can be trusted only based on just one fact which is – any search engine does not report it for malicious activities. Although, it might have been reported by various sites, search engines and people. From the Nxzllnr Reviews, it is quite clear that the site can be trusted at your own risk.

No social presence can be seen for this site. Showing the social media icons on the home page of the main website is a negative point when there is no social media handle available. In today’s world, social media play a crucial role in determining whether some online stores are legit or not.

Final Verdict

The age of the domain, Alexa ranking, reporting as spam, no popularity, no traffic and no social media presence shows that the website can be a scam. Nxzllnr Reviews gives enough information to mark the site as a scam or legit one. Some people do not come but from the newly established online store which does not give proper customer feedback. Without appropriate customer feedback, nothing could be said clearly about this site. 

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