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Oasisjoy Reviews [Oct 2020] Are They Worth the Hype?

Oasisjoy Reviews [June] Are They Worth the Hype? -> In this article, we get to know about the site that provides a wide range of clothing and accessories for women.

Have you thought of getting a comfy lounge and dresses right at your place? Well, you can get these easily at your home from this site.

Women are very fond of shopping, and they love to buy comfortable clothes which they can wear and go around anywhere feeling light and relaxed. The site helps the customers get a wide range of products and that too at very reasonable prices.

According to the Oasisjoy reviews, we get to know that the site is functional in Canada, United Kingdom, United States. The site helps you get a wide range of dresses, comfy sets, lounge, activewear, and even the bikini sets.

These are best for you as they are comfortable and according to the latest fashion trends. The Oasis Joy Review tells us that the site provides these easily at your doorstep within a specified time.

The specialists develop these products to suit your requirements and needs, and you will find them to be very suitable. 

Now before we get into the details, let us first see what Oasisjoy is?

What is Oasisjoy?

The site is an online portal that provides a wide range of products for women. The customers can order the products from the site and get them delivered at your doorstep quickly.

The site provides women with beautiful and fashionable clothing that they cannot leave. They will find them so attractive that they will not be able to resist themselves from buying those. Comfortable clothing can be worn anywhere.

Also, the bikini sets are great as they are trendy and will give you a fresh look.

What is so unique about Oasisjoy?

The online portal helps you to get such a wide range of products for women online, and that too at a single page. You will find that the products are according t the latest trends and fashion requirements of women today.

The loungewear, the active sets, and the bikini sets are highly comfortable and of the latest designs that you won’t find on any other sites.

The site provides you with the accessories too that you can take according to your dresses. There are various filters to your requirements that is a season, color, price, style, and material. This helps you to shop effectively.

Before you think of purchasing, we suggest you go through the entire blog.


  • Product: Activewear, loungewear, comfy sets, bikini wear, dresses, tops, and accessories.
  • Email: service@oasisjoy.com
  • Website: https://www.oasisjoy.com/
  • Address: 5620 Grace Pl Commerce CA US 90022
  • Contact number: Not given
  • Delivery time: 5-7 days
  • Shipping fees: Not discussed
  • Returns: Within 30 days
  • Refunds: After five days of receiving the product
  • Exchanges: Not discussed
  • Mode of payment: Online payments

Pros of buying from Oasisjoy:

  • Wide range of clothing and accessories
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Fast delivery
  • Fashionable clothing

Cons of buying from Oasisjoy:

  • Low involvement of social media
  • Only online payments
  • Contact number not mentioned
  • No details on the exchange of products

Customer feedback on OasisJoy:

By going through the site and reviewing it, we find that the site is not an official site and is a scam. You cannot trust the genuineness of the website.

The site has been recently developed; therefore, we do not find any online reviews of the website. We do not get any ratings of the site, so we cannot regard it as a valid site. The reviews on the site itself cannot be trusted as it can be fake.

As there are no reviews, the customers cannot rely on it.

There is no social media involvement, and the customers lose their trust on the site. The logos of the website are not trustworthy. 

Final verdict:

We do not find any legitimate content on the site; therefore, it cannot be considered a valid location. The site is new, and the information is incomplete. 

The customers should not confuse the site with other sites. You cannot trust the site to maintain the privacy of your details.

The customers find the information on the site to be incomplete and invalid. The customers are advised not to buy products from the site, and if they do, they should contact their banks for refunds.

Thus, we do not recommend this site to the customers for buying products.

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  1. This company is a scam. They are fraudulent. There website says they take returns within 30 days. I contacted customer service, they said once they received my products they would contact me. I have postage tracking which shows they received the item 2 days after I sent it. I’ve tried contacting them many times over the past 3 weeks with no response from them. So I’m out the $13 to ship the products back to them plus the $60 worth of items I was returning. I looked on the internet after the fact to see if there were reports of fraudulent activity and yes, this is a common scam that they do where they don’t go through with a refund. STAY AWAY FROM OASIS JOY! IT’S A SCAM.

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