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Office Of The Former President Website (Jan) Details!

Office Of The Former President Website (Jan) Details! >> The article elaborates about Donald Trump’s opening of Office in Florida after leaving the White House.

As Joe Biden took over as the 46th President of the United States, the former President Donald Trump is back in the news for establishing his official post-presidency office. The Office of the Former President Website has become news across the internet and social media, leaving the audience speculating whether the former President will be contesting the 2024 elections.

After being banned from Twitter and most of the other social media channels in the wake of the capitol riot on January 06, 2021, this is his latest appearance back in the news. Please read further to know more about Trump’s new move.

About Office of the Former President Website

The former 45th President of the United States has been silent since leaving the White House. He left for his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach after been banned from most of the social media channels. The new office has brought Trump back in the news and his new Office.

What does the office deal into?

Now that Trump is officially out of the white house with Joe Biden taking the 46th US president’s seat, the Office will serve as his new address for correspondence. 

The former President released an official statement about his new Office, located in Florida, thereby setting up a platform for carrying out his future statements and appearances.

According to a press release from the Office of the Former President Website, it will be responsible for managing all the correspondence, appearance, public statements, official activities by Mr.Trump.

Public Reception

The former President faced two impeachment charges after having left the Office. On January 13, the first was a week before Biden took over the Office, wherein Trump was charged with inciting violence against the government by the US congress and second by the Democratic-controlled house. 

The new Office’s opening has provoked speculation amongst the public if Trump would contest the 2024 elections. Please stay connected to know more about the Office of the Former President Website.

More about Trump’s New Office

The first email sent by the post-presidency office of Trump included a new logo designed by Brad Parscale. The statement also highlighted no plans of the 74-year-old former US president of retiring from the public life. It is also clearly evident with his new office opening to carry out correspondence and appearance in public.

Conclusion – Back in Action

After losing to his contemporary Joe Biden and being impeached for inciting violence in the US, Donald Trump is back in the news with his Office of the Former President Website. The official statement was released on the same day as an impeachment article was presented against the US Senate’s former President, whose trial will begin in the week of February 09, 2021.

What is your opinion about Trump’s new move? Please share your thoughts with us by leaving your comments in the box below.

48 thoughts on “Office Of The Former President Website (Jan) Details!

  1. Pres.Trump’s legal team will have to argue numerous points [a] a fake judge running a Legal Trail against a Private Citizen [b] an unbiased judge, bound under DC Trial Statutes, because the offense/charge occurred there [c] no system available for petition of change of venue, DC is not a State [d] no law, procedure or precedence any where, for trying a former president, with intent to prevent future eligibility for public office… JUST TO MENTION a few major problems, including the Conviction requires an established Appeal Process… There may be Merit for the Idea, DON’T GO, It isn’t Real or Legal… IS IT ??

  2. Glad to have a point of contact for #45.
    Appreciated all you have done for our country. Sad to see #46 trying to destroy our nation.
    Praying for our nation .
    Sure would love to have freedom of speech & censorship free platforms. Hope you do set up a TV network(i.e. “trumpverse” or “trumpvision”).
    Keep on “Keeping On”!

  3. Why is there no link to their website anywhere in any article i read today? I want a contact link so I can send love. The man thinks this country left him to swing in the breeze alone. WE DID NOT. Kinfly email a link to me.



  5. I hope that President Trump is able to probe election fraud and resume his rightful place in the Oval Office. Please help America rid itself of the deep state corruption known as the DNC.

  6. Lots of scramble .. little data …

    I’d like to be on any serious mailing list .. so far, no where to do that !!!

  7. The real insurrection will be carried out by those who pack the supreme court in order to subvert the meaning of the U. S. Constitution.

  8. Good afternoon President Trump
    My name is Patrick Thomas Lee Jr.
    Iam a 55 year old Trump supporter
    who has believed in you even before hearing you speak. In fact I didnt even know what you looked like until 2015.
    I was asked by a good brother who is 100% Passamaquoddy in 2008 if I would vote for Donald Trump. I replied instantly with confidence “absolutely”.
    My good brother looked dissapointed, & I couldnt understand why when ALL I EVER heard of this person is GREAT GREAT things & accomplishments. I thought Donald Trump the wealthy NY builder would surely be smart enough to know how to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.
    The funny thing was that I thought I was a real liberal guy who knew democrats were for the people & republicans were for money. I really didnt know what “liberal” meant & surely I didnt know the political sense of the word. I just thought that I liked democrats. I thought Bill Clinton was great for standing up to Russia, Iraq, China, & Serbia. I even thought his answer “I didnt inhale” was politically correct. I guess to make a long story short, my understanding of everything was reall dumbed down.
    2015 sure rolled up but not soon enough because I was becoming so frustrated with this incert of sabotage, & treason who was preparing us for a UN takeover & no one seemed to see it. Barack Obama just systematically set the deck for Americas failure, & the democrats were totally uninterested in the fears Americas working class people expressed on every platform. I seen something happening that wasnt quite right & I couldnt figure it out UNTILL I finally heard you speak to the supporters, & the world. Instantly I knew I was joyously correct in my opinions of all I have heard of DJT. I noticed you spoke for my father, grandfathers, & ME.
    I started to realize the democrats were not working for the people, & were not EVER working for the AMERICAN people.
    It was then I became AWARE of the unknowable amount of things I dont know & that if I get behind Donald Trump I will begin to learn. I sure did learn alot in just your 2016 campaign trail.
    In the following 4 years I called CNN, FOX, DOJ, Senators, House Reps, & many state politicians around the nation to ask questions or to challenge them to listen to the voice of America by getting behind President Trump, & together we all will make America Great Again.
    I am a small time nobody who did get the attention of twitter, google, & facebook enough to be suspended several times. I can not access twitter at all for 2 years now. Its because they fear us because we ARE a nation of FREE THINKERS who are smart enough to see President Trump is for the PEOPLE, CHILDRENS MORAL SAFETY, FREEDOM, & AMERICA.
    I sir thank you & your family from the bottom of my heart for ALL you have done, sacrificed, & the ambitious fighting you continue from the Office of the Former President.
    I have little experience in areas needed by someone at your caliber.
    However that hasnt ever stopped me in the past from trying to help in other scenarios out of my league. I ask you President Trump to consider meeting with me to grace me with a sort of interview to see if theres anything I can do as a employee of the Trumps. I have not ever had a resume, & nowadays everything is online. That leaves no room for mistakes of the past. I can make a great impression, & will work hard, confidently, & in full trust of my represented employers team. I dont feel as if anyone owes me anything. I feel as though I owe it to God, Gods people, & myself to continue on the road of good ethics.
    I dont have any prospects at this time & my contacts are few & far in between. My base of support are mostly democratic voters. 😆 now do you see Im desperate for a chance out of this sinking ship. Lol
    I can be reached by
    cell phone
    home phone
    Patrick Lee
    12 Hope Manor Apt#4
    Eddington Maine

  9. I changed my mind I didnt want comment to go public. I thought it was a type of way for the public to address President Trump directly.
    I didnt know this is a typs of social media platform.
    Please discard my last comment.

  10. Happy to hear of the new office. The faithful patriots want to follow and learn the truth what is currently happening. We feel cheated and hopeful our leader will return. Feeling unsafe and do not want a dictatorship. We believe you can save America.

  11. Good for you Mr. President! We still consider you the rightful President in the White House! We look forward to your return in March, and another four years under your splendid leadership! Carol & Rocky Ruoff, Sarasota, FL.

  12. I sure wish some how bungaling Biden could be Legally Removed,, I miss you Mr President,. He is destroying Our Country. You should be our President and we ALL know that.. Aloha

  13. I am a retired woman of 72. I never voted. Never cared about politics. But when President Trump got elected it sparked me to love him. He did so much for our country. I never saw any president do what he did. They treated him so badly called him names horrible names. Like the names they called me. I feel in my heart he won.
    The election was rigged. But a country of laws how could this happen? Now they took over and already our country is ruined. I am so afraid of the lawlessness. The illegals coming and taking ss and free everything. Why? They the dems don’t care of the people. I am so glad i am not young anymore and raising a family. You don’t have a chance. How in the world can a man be president and did the horrible things he and his family did for money? That riot on Jan. 6th was planned but unfortunately some of the Trump supporters got all messed up in it. I hate violence and what about antifia and blm? And getting a Noble Peace Prize. Haha What a joke. Open boarders will kill our country. But that is what they want. I love Trump and he always will be in my heart and my President. Thank you

  14. Could you please give me the address for President Trumps new office in Palm Beach Fl. Thanks

  15. My name is Karen L. Reed, I am a staunch supporter of President Trump and voted for him both times as a registered Republican… I am a 74 year old great-grandmother of soon to be 5 greatgrandchildren, by way of introduction. On January 4th someone shared a copy of a post received from someone I do not know. Today is 2/09/21 and have spent some time trying to find this post and finally found it today. I am in deep destress about the state of our country and the railroading of President Trump and stealing the election as the Dems certainly did. The post I received is a screen shot of a conversation surrounding the events of January 6th, it advises that it is from someone with inside info about Antifa, and it is saying their members will be at the capital on January 6th and that they would be dressed in Black with MAGA hats on that will be turned backward so they can identify each other.

    PLEASE do not ignore this because I feel it is an important document proving this BS was planned, I was able to pick some of these people out of the crowd before President Trump ever came to the podium. I WANT to provide a copy of it to President Trump and you may do what you want with it – but it is DATED 01/04/21..

  16. What is going on? Your legal team Sucks!! Why are you letting go of the BIGGEST SCANDAL/FRAUD in the history of this country’s election process?? Are you actually turning your back on 80 million supporters?

  17. Very happy to see that you are continuing your efforts to keep America Great Again. Once this phony impeachment is over, I suspect that you will once again become the voice of the forgotten American people. While I noticed that your initial efforts were to be strictly economic, you soon embraced that of religious efforts needed to accompany economic efforts. Great match up!!

    I sincerely believe that you will now do more to help the American people by being the King Maker in lieu of being the King. Your initial step to insuring that the right people are elected in 2022 is profound. You will be able to do more to influence the future of the United States by being a King Maker; a person who will be able to bring change to the process of electing competent and capable people to Congress, to state Legislatures and to Judicial offices where they are elected by the popular vote.

    Congratulations on what you have been able to accomplish and best wishes on what you have yet to do.

    Chuck Donelson
    Nokomis FL

  18. God has been getting me up every day early–1-2-3:00. We the people have to take action to return the real President to the white house before the communist senile bastard that is there will hand over this great country to the ccp. President Trump is still the President. He won the election. Do not ever say the election was fair. Trump had the power to have the military police make out a warrant to arrest the whole bunch, hillary,biden,pelosi schummer comey brennan clapper , all of them for treason. We the people have the proof. If the judges are threatened or paid, that also should be dealt with . Words are not working. Doing it by the book isn’t either. ACTION….. Who is in charge of getting a warrant? CIA or FBI? Clean house of the whole bunch. The military , police, truckers, bikers, hunters are all on the patriots side. We cannot sit idle and just let everything we have accomplished in 4 years get undone. We have to have the leader take the reins again . We are ready to stand up for our freedom–NOW–not later. The longer we wait, the greater the problem will be to fix. never put off for tomorrow what you can do today. Tomorrow never comes. They NEVER should have ever gotten the chance to get into the White House– now it will be hell to get them out. Soros— what can be done with him????? God is saying ,I gave you the brains to figure out how to win this battle with evil. Now use it. He can just do it by Himself, but what good is it if we just sit here and have Him solve all our troubles. The whole world is rotten. I think the only ones in heaven are the unborn that are slaughtered , cut up and sold for profit. I would really like to speak to President Trump- Really…No rinos, no illegal elections, no peace shall be found if we do not cut out the communist cancer that is eating up our freedom in this country.

  19. Dear Mr. President, I am incensed about the election fraud! I hope in the coming months you will lead a charge to uncover the fraud and abuse by these leftist commies. I hope you and your family will do all you can to squash this destructive Biden agenda. I look forward to helping you back to power. Other than the disruption of a forward looking plan the bright side is that we now can get you back for EIGHT YEARS instead of just four. Get Don Jr. ready for 2012!

  20. My husband & I very much like the idea of the Office of the Former President. Do not let these radicals force you to go away! There are many of us who will continue to support you and what you’ve done for the United States. We’ve just heard on FOX news that you have been acquitted–that is fantastic!! Now Crazy Nancy is speaking, in circles, as usual. Her mind is going, she can’t speak because her memory for words is failing her. Her hands/arms are constantly flailing about, maybe she needs to tie them down or sit on them. Keep making her nervous, keep making her wonder what you are doing that she doesn’t know about. And don’t reveal what plans you have, let it be a surprise. Thank you for all that you have done and completed, for us Americans who care. You and your family are in our prayers.

  21. The Democrats are afraid of Trump because he stands for truth, justice and the American way! We all knew he would be found not guilty. Now as the Democrats proceed to run the country into the ground and make fools out of themselves the GOP with Trumps continued leadership will take back the house and senate. Their ignorance and incompetence will destroy our freedom of speech and right to bear arms.

  22. I believe our President Trump realizes how dismayed we are watching how quickly Mr. Biden is taking down our America! Our only hope is in God’s intervention! We are praying for you, President Trump. We have not given up the faith.

  23. LOVE President Trump, and so very grateful to him. President Donald Trump you truly are the Greatest President this Nation has ever seen. May God forever lift you and family high upon Angel Wings. I will forever be grateful.
    WWG1 WGA!

  24. I’m glad you are still communicating with the American people and helping us. Will NESARA/GESARA happen soon? It would help everyone! Thanks for all you did for all of us!

  25. Sir: We are delighted that you beat the 2nd impeachment. I am sure you are in for more law suites , but theses suites will not sway 90% of your supporters. The Dems are afraid of your supporters as well as many Republicans. I would like to see you stay below the radar publicly for the time being. However, i would hope you can find support to find candidates for 2022 and 2024. The best way to beat these animals is win in2022 and 2024. It is time for the GOP to attack the left for all its worth. Biden will destroy this country if they maintain the house, senate and white house. If you decide to become a king maker and not run for office in 2024 then your support for Desantis or Pompaeo would get them elected. The GOP needs a coach and a leader. You are the man to take the GOP to the right place. If they won’t cooperate then start the Patriot Party. The country is a wreck and we need you again sir

  26. PTL! Dear Mr President, So good to know you are back and know there are over 75 million right behind you! I pray for the safety of you and your dear family, and at 77 will do all I can to support you in all your endeavors. Kevin McCarthy betrayed you, and was unmasked as the RINO he is! He, like M McConnell, should not be allowed to lead in anything least of all, America First! Steve Scalise should be minority leader in the House and any true conservative, Republican MAGA Senator, other than the hack McConnell, should lead in the Senate! Senator Josh Hawley would be a strong, refreshing replacement for the BAU swamp creature McConnell Love you and your dear family! Sincerely, N Karriker

  27. I miss the assurance we had from President Trump and I look forward to hearing more. I am one of the 75 million plus that
    voted for Donald J. Trump. I am 77 years old and have never known a President who did so much for the country in 4 short
    years and that was with the democRats after him the whole time. Just think what he could have accomplished if he could have
    been in office another four years.
    Please lead our conservative Republican party forward with the ideals you brought to the White House.
    Thank you President Trump for being a caring patriotic president. Also thanks to your wonderful family which I enjoyed so
    much. May God continue to bless all of you and keep you safe.

  28. I feel that President Trump is STILL my President. I do not and will not ever recognize jb as President. I have watched jb for 47 years and he is a total zero and is just a placeholder. I am sincerely afraid that jb and his so-called cabinet will lead us to a Socialist Paty. My hope is that in 2 years, the Trump Train candidates will take back the House and the Senate. I am 81 years old and I have never been prouder than to have had Donald J. Trump as my President! Thank you,
    Carolyn Snavely, NASA Teacher in Space

  29. I have stood as a supporter of you, because the value of your name means something. I felt before you ever took office, you were different. I still have a measure of belief in you, but there’s one thing puzzling me.

    If I know what WWG1WGA, NCSWIC and Follow The White Rabbit means, I’m assuming that you do, too. I know that noone else seems to understand, otherwise there’d be no calm before “the storm”, but I’ve always assumed you knew. I was most certain of this when I saw a farewell speech you gave where you wished us, well, “luck”. Do you? Do you know? And, if you do, and there’s truly no one that can stop it, why wouldn’t you just tell the people? It would be the kindest, although a most difficult, thing to do. If I had the platform you have, and I were not part of this cabal, I’d tell the people. I’d make sure that when the “dust settles” those responsible are truly exposed because it was revealed prior to, not playing “Clue” after the fact.

    You’d be surprised at what our spirit can do under extreme pressure. Surprise us with your spirit, and let us reciprocate.

  30. PRESIDENT TRUMP has done more then any President we’ve had in a very long time….
    Look at what’s happening now!!!
    Basement biden is doing this.

  31. Dear Mr. President you are and will always be my President. Thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do. May God keep you and all your family safe.
    With much Love

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