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offroadsale.com Reviews Read to know if it is a scam

offroadsale.com Reviews Read to know if it is a scam >>This is a short review of the online store that claims to sell bikes and gears at a discounted price.

Would you like to buy hardcore bikes just sitting on your sofa? If so, then you might look for an online store that sells bikes and its gear.

And if you live in the United States, then you may be heard of the Offroadsale.com.

And if we are right, you are here because you want to know more about the Offroadsale.com that sells bikes and gear.So, we here created this offroadsale.com Reviews, just for you. 

Take your time to go through it once, and by the time you finished this article, you know everything you are looking for.

About Offroadsale

Offroadsale.com is an online ecommerce store. This online store sells not only the hardcore bikes but its genuine parts also.This online store is hosted in the United States. They provide worldwide shipping to all over 100 countries from the US.They claim to be the biggest supplier for bikes and cycle gears.

Specification of Offroadsale

  • Type: Ecommerce Store
  • URL: www.offroadsale.com
  • E-mail: helpdesk@customerservicebest.com
  • Contact No: +1 6316043245  
  • Address: Not mentioned.
  • Delivery Time: Within ten days.
  • Return policy: Within 60 days.
  • Payment Mode: Credit Card ONLY.
  • Social Media: Not Mentioned.

Why You Purchase Bikes From Offroadsale?

  • They provide 24×7 customer service.
  • Their website has Https secure connection.
  • They offer you discounts on their bikes and, its Gears.
  • They have bikes available for men, women, and kids.
  • They provide shipping to almost 100 countries.

Why don’t You Purchase Bikes From Offroadsale?

  • Their website rated with a 1% trust score.
  • Their website has a domain name that has been registered five days ago.
  • They don’t have any social presence on the internet.
  • They don’t have any specific brand authority.
  • They have images that are copied from another website.
  • They used plagiarized content.
  • They don’t provide any website owner details.

Is Offroadsale A Legit?

Is Offroadsale A Legit site or merely a replica of the original site?  Let’s check in this section.

At first glance, we can’t say that’s we have conducted in-depth observations to know what reality is.

Why? You see, at the surface level, this website seems to be perfectly ok. But if you go deep down, you will find little distinction that you may notice. And this little distinction may cost you a ton of money. 

What are those little distinctions? Well, there are many, but here’s a few of them.

Just go to the website and look for any customer reviews. In fact, not only on the website but look for on google. Ok, did you find any? We bet you don’t. It’s because not a single customer buys from this website, and we did not find any offroadsale.com Reviews.

However, this website is registered with a domain name that is five days old only. Now, if any website is registered for that period, how popular that website will be. How many people know about that website?

By the way, this website has written text that are almost plagiarized. That means someone created this website and just copied the content from other websites. 

Plus, this website is using images to show the products, but they are also borrowed from other websites. 

Thus, from the above features pointing towards a single direction that it is not a genuine site and we suggest you to stay away from it. 

offroadsale.com Reviews by the customers:

This website has no customer reviews available. In fact, we searched on the entire internet, and we don’t find a single one.

We checked the social media to see what people are saying about its brand… and guess what we don’t find a single person talking about the brand. 

We look for its customer’s reviews on the popular review’s website, but we don’t get anyone there. 

So, what this all tells you? What the conclusion? Let’s read in our final section.

Final Conclusion about the Offroadsale: 

So, what is the final conclusion? After going through all the facts and figures and evidence… it’s no wonder that we can say this website is non-legitimate.

So please do not bother to buy your favorite bikes from this website. This website is a complete waste of time. This website is a big regret if you are still thinking of buying it. Please don’t. 

Please look for another website, if any, available. You will find your favorite bikes there. 

If you like this offroadsale.com Reviews, please share your thoughts below.  We are waiting for your response.

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