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Ogboot Roblox (April 2021) Checkout Information Here!

Ogboot Roblox (April 2021) Checkout Information Here! >> The following article mentions a tweaking website that claims to give away free in-game currency of a trending game.

Do you play Roblox or wish to start? Are you tired of collecting Robux and need a free shortcut like a tweaked application or Robux generator? We are here to discuss one such website – Ogboot.com

Roblox is popular in the United States with over 200 million active members per month. The game is free-to-play with some in-app purchases such as its currency.

There are hundreds of scam websites out there. Can Ogboot Roblox also be a scam? 

About Roblox

Roblox is one of the famous online multiplayer games that helps you create or join other people’s servers all over the world. This game is extensively famed among youths, with around 200 million regular active players. Individuals say you can at no time get bored of Roblox as there are millions of games available in Roblox (as everyone can create their own). 

Roblox’s earnings in 2020 was a whopping $2.29 billion making it the 3rd most earning free-to-play game last year.

Robux is the currency used in Roblox. One can buy or earn Roblox, and even the premium members can exchange Roblox for real money

Specifications of Ogboot Roblox

  • Website Link – https://ogboot.com/
  • E-mail Address – Not Given on the website (no contact info. available).
  • Website Type – Free Tweaked Applications.
  • Address – New York, United States. 
  • Domain Registration – 15th March 2021.
  • Alexa Website Rank – Zero 

Let us now read the advantages and disadvantages of Ogboot.com Roblox. 


  • The website doesn’t ask you to enter any crucial detail like your password or any bank details, but only your username.
  • The website has an active HTTPS connection.
  • The process to get Robux is really simple.


  • Ogboot Roblox has no reviews available online. 
  • The web page tells you how many people are using the website right now which is always above 150. However, the website’s traffic is too low which means it is a lie. 
  • After you start the human verification, no progress is shown.

Sad Truth About Ogboot Roblox

The website seems to be a scam to us because of the following: 

  • The trust index score is only 1%.
  • No customer Feedback available.
  • Application tweaking is illegal.
  • The website is only five days old.

Also, we found that even if you enter the wrong usernames, which are out of the limit (exceeding 20 characters or with space), the Ogboot Roblox website says username found. 

The owners of the website earn money through advertisements and making you download random applications which pay them.


The website ogboot.com offers you free Robux without asking anything in return. If they had so much Robux to give away, why wouldn’t they redeem Robux for real money? The answer is simple they are a scam website. 

Please be aware of such websites and never enter any personal info on any unknown website. 

Have you tried using Ogboot.com before? What are you thinking about scammer websites like Ogboot Roblox? Comment below.

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