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Okhomeonline Reviews [April] – Is This A Legit Website?

Okhomeonline Reviews [April] – Is This A Legit Website? >> If you are really keen to save yourself from any online scam, then you must read this review. First, you should have proper  idea about this ecommerce website, then think about order!

Are you looking for a relevant source from where you can procure the information about okhomeonline reviews? Then you have come to the right place. The site is gaining massive popularity among the United States residents and fulfilling the day to day needs without letting them face any hassle. 

An online shopping portal has converted a brick and mortar store into a web store and has reached a large number of audiences with just a few clicks. One can sit at home or office and view, choose, order, make the payment, and get their desired goods instantly at their doorstep.

What is the Okhomeonline store?

Okhomeonline is one such online megastore that supplies all the necessary products in the entire United States region. The prime motto of the company is to give superior quality products at an affordable price segment.

Here, you can buy hand sanitizer, wet wipes, personal care products, latex gloves, thermometer, toilet paper, and many more products.

Though the company is doing well, few of its customers have faced specific problems with the product quality. According to one of the reviewers, its 2-3 product quality is not up to the mark in terms of quality and quantity. Also, they are a bit overpriced. 

The design of the website is simple yet attractive. 

How to place an order on okhomeonline.com?

Placing orders on okhomeonline is just like having a piece of cake. Just log on to the website, look for the product you want, click on it once you get it, and proceed for the monetary transaction. 

You are required to provide your few details like your name, billing address, contact number, and so on. The website receives payments from all payment gateways like Paypal, Credit card, debit card, and so on. 

What are the benefits of placing online orders at okhomeonline.co?

If you are a budget-conscious person, then this is the perfect platform for you to shop. You can simply shop for your desired items, and you can also compare your prices before making your final choice. 

The company understands the discretion policy very well. Therefore, they ship all products to the customer’s doorstep in a straightforward, concise, efficient, and discreet manner without letting you face any sort of problem. 

What are the cons of okhomeonline.com?

While surfing the entire website, we came across to a few of its drawbacks that are listed below:

  • Though they have mentioned in their about us column about their day to day necessary products, they haven’t included many products in their product category. 
  • Most of their products on the website depict out of stock. 
  • If you are looking forward to buying toilet rolls, then your minimum order should be at least ten rolls per order, you can’t buy less than this.
  • The website has also mentioned its owner name or any number on which a person can contact if he gets stuck while placing their order. 
  • Neither company provides a tracking ID so that the buyer will get the information about his product’s whereabouts. 

Is okhomeonline a fake company?

Okhomeonline is an e-commerce company that works to provide the hassle-free and convenient delivery services of daily use products to all its buyers. Because of its growing popularity and lower prices, people are opting to buy their products from this website. So, we have decided to dig a bit more about this company, though we have not found many facts and reviews about the company but read a few blogs on it that it described as a scam. Infact, the content mentioned on the website also comes under plagiarism, where it has been shown as copied from another website. Most importantly, the site does not have any security feature, where any of your important information or details such as your bank details, transaction ID, and so on could be easily leaked outside, which will ultimately cause harm to you. 

Final Statement For Overokhomeonline reviews

With the help of this article, we tried to brief you about this online store and cast a shadow on okhomeonline.com reviews. If I sum up in a few lines, then I have concluded that this site is not reliable and user friendly for all its customers. The drawback that I have mentioned above always creates a doubt in the customer’s mind and makes them think if it is the right platform to fulfill all your needs and requirements. 

0 thoughts on “Okhomeonline Reviews [April] – Is This A Legit Website?

  1. It is a scam web sight. They change their name
    Every other name. Ones you order no shipping date or delivery date. After five days inactivity
    Cancel my order let card company to stop the transaction. Chang my card number. Save the headache. Not trust wealthy.

    1. I placed an order couple weeks ago I have not been contacted by them for a shipping date or tracking number. I log into site click view order and I am being told bad addressee down. ,so I send email and it comes back as bad email. What can I do?

      $29.98 USD
      Customer information

      Shipping address
      Robert Zadrowski
      209 Theys Mill Way
      Fuquay-Varina NC 27526
      United States
      Billing address
      Robert Zadrowski
      209 Theys Mill Way
      Fuquay-Varina NC 27526
      United States
      Shipping method
      Standard Shipp


    It seems to be scam web site. Once you order, they don’t fulfill the order.
    Confronted them on email, and my email was bounced.
    Disputed charge on credit card.
    They say they’re US company and made in America products, shipped domestically ….. but charge was a Fabfashion Ltd company in Hong Kong


  3. Company is a scam. With all of the coronavirus scares going on, they are advertising on almost every news website. On OkHome’s website, they talk about being “American Based”, they do ship from a warehouse in the United States however the company is based out of Malta. Don’t feed in to their bullshit, it’s just a foreign company trying to capitalize off of the need of goods.

  4. Address not found
    Your message wasn’t delivered to service@okhomeonline.com because the domain okhomeonline.com couldn’t be found. Check for typos or unnecessary spaces and try again.
    The response was:
    DNS Error: 379884 DNS type ‘mx’ lookup of okhomeonline.com responded with code NXDOMAIN Domain name not found: okhomeonline.com

    1. scam. a front for fabfashion.com in hong kong, also fab.com
      it rapidly charges your credit card – then pouf, the site vanishes
      immediately cancel your credit card

  5. I order some hand sanitizer and mask and I have not received my order yet my order number is 2967

  6. I ordered on March 8, 2020 and haven’t gotten confirmation. After a few emails I did get a response that they were working on order but still nothing after 10 days. I opened a case with paypal which I paid with. Thy usually back you so no need to cancel CC orders and have to get a new one… We’ll see if they respond to my inquiry from Paypal. So much for fast shipping as stated on their website. I wouldn’t waste the time and order from them even if they are legit. That is still questionable…

  7. I cannot get in contact with your company, is your company legit? Your email address is not legit, WHY????????? Please give me a reply ASAP I already called my bank!!!!!!!

  8. I ordered hand wipes on April 10 have not heard or seen anything these are scam MFers l am calling my bank tomorrow.

  9. Scam. Scam Scam Scam. Received an email with the confirmation order. 2 weeks later not even a tracking number. Calling the bank to cancel.

    1. I placed an order on here at least 2 weeks ago and have received nothing and heard nothing! This OKhomeonline site should be shut down!

  10. This company is a SCAM, in my opinion. I placed an order on 4/6/2020 and immediately received a confirmation from them, but it did not mention when I could expect to receive the products.
    4/8/20-Light bulb went off and I thought to do some online checking about this company and found too many UNFAVORABLE comments (which I should have checked prior to ordering) I sent them another e-mail which they immediately responded telling me not to worry, I would receive.
    4/13/20-I contacted my Bank and they had many disputes in the past about this Company, which confirmed my thoughts that they are most likely a TRUE-BLUE SCAM ARTIST. My Bank assured me that I would receive a refund, however, I continued to contact them by e-mail and like always they replied and told me 1 of my 3 items were ready for shipment, but provided No time when I could expect to receive it.
    4/25/20-I sent another e-mail, feeling pretty confident that they would not be able to SCAM me out of my money, telling them to REFUND MY MONEY SINCE THEY DID NOT APPEAR TO BE AUTHENTIC. They replied and asked me if I wanted to cancel my full order, and I told them YES.
    4/28/20-The money was refunded to my bank card, but it wasn’t because they did it, thanks to my BANK who had gone to work on retrieving the money is the only reason I received it.

    A TIP: DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING ONLINE UNLESS YOU DO A DEEP SEARCH OF ALL REVIEWS ABOUT THE COMPANY. Most are not LEGIT. I LEARNED MY LESSON AND FORTUNATE FOR ME I EXPERIENCED A GOOD OUTCOME. I was so frantic trying to find protective gear, AND thrilled that this company stated they had all of the items I wanted during this pandemic that I forgot to check for reviews-NOT ANYMORE.

  11. I ordered Hand sanitizer since March and have received nothing. I would like to get my money back , shame on them to scam people in this moment we are all living. Jane Diaz

  12. TOTAL SCAM! Thank goodness I paid with Paypal- but it still look a month to get my money back… You will get email after email (canned responses) telling you that the package is still on its way…but no tracking info.
    Avoid Okhomeonline at all costs!

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