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Onemoresnack Com (June 2021) Read Details Here Now!

Onemoresnack Com (June 2021) Read Details Here Now! >> Please read this report wherein we have gathered information about a portal called Onemoresnack, which claims to offer free food items.

The current virtual marketplace is being dominated by food-delivering retailers, which provide many lucrative rewards. The customers worldwide continue experimenting with such portals and have different experiences. In this article, we have attempted to throw light upon a portal of this kind, called Onemoresnack Com, which has attracted users in the United States and other countries.

What is Onemoresnack?

This platform offers free food items, precisely snacks, associated with genuine online shopping platforms such as Amazon. The number of free units that one family can receive per order is limited to one and is delivered without any shipping or concealed charges. 

How Does Onemoresnack work?

  • The user has to place a snack order on an online retail store tied up with Onemoresnack, say Amazon. 
  • After visiting the subject portal, users have to submit their full name, e-mail address, mobile number and the site from which they purchased the snacks. 
  • The free snack from Onemoresnack Com can be tracked by the order identification number.
  • For availing of special offers like BOGO, i.e., Buy One Get One, users may be required to review their previous purchases on Amazon, in this case.
  • If the users have any doubts regarding the privacy of the information provided, they can mail it to admin@onemoresnack.com.


  • The privacy policy has been clearly expressed.
  • The number of free units is limited per family, avoiding misuse of the offers.


  • The official website does not allow the viewing of the portal before providing the personal details. 
  • The order number tracking system is non-functional at times.

Is Onemoresnack Com Legit?

Please read the below observations related to the above question.

  • Age of Portal – old, precisely nearing three years.
  • Trust Score– 76%, which is an “Average Trust Score”.
  • Social Media Association – there is a page of this portal on Facebook, though it is not updated and contains a handful of posts.  
  • Owner Contact Details – Not available
  • Reviews by Customers – Available on Amazon

Customer Reviews 

There are both positive and negative feedbacks about Onemoresnack Com on Amazon, with some users endorsing the authenticity of the portal on the one hand, while some complaining about the delay in receiving the item, on the other hand. 

By looking at the reviews of Onemoresnackin Amazon , it shall be helpful for you to decide whether or not to proceed with this platform. Nonetheless, the customer reviews are not present in any other leading reviewing platform such as Quora, Reddit or Trustpilot. 


We have put forth the details regarding the functioning and legality of this portal based on our research over the Net. We would suggest you to study the specifications of the domain, reviews of the users, and at the same time, employ your know-how of dealing with online platforms, before indulging in Onemoresnack Com.

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