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Onmarche Com Inscription {Oct} Update On Onmarche Event!

Onmarche Com Inscription {Oct} Update On Onmarche Event! >> An Event Onmarche, want to know about the competition? Read the full article to learn more.

Le Grand Challenge Pierre Lavoie has organized the Onmarche Com Inscription contest, and it has a title, ‘Let’s get back on track!’ is mainly a part of the virtual edition of The Great Walk. The people from Canada can enjoy this contest, and it will take place on the internet from 17th October at 12.01 am to 18th October at 11.59 pm (ET). Note: the time which has been mentioned refers to Eastern Time.

Conditions to participate in the contest:

Some conditions need to meet for every contestant to participate in this competition.Let’s check out about the conditions of the Onmarche Com Inscription contest-To participate in this competition, you need to submit the participation form on their website, i.e., www.onseremetenmarche.com.

Participants need to walk at least 5km between Saturday, i.e., 17th October 2020, at 12.01 am to Sunday, i.e., 18th October 2020, at 11.59 pm.

Restriction in Participation:

There are some restrictions that you need to obey-There is one participation per day, and contestants need to meet the eligibility conditions above.People need to use one email ID to participate in this contest as more than an email Id will not be permitted.

A person should not participate in this contest with robotic or some other duplicate participation; if so, it will be unfair to other contestants and disagree with the regulations. If anyone does this, their participation will be automatically canceled.

Eligibility Criteria:

In the Onmarche Com Inscription contest, people need to meet the eligibility criteria to participate in this competition successfully-Quebec residents can only participate in this competition.

As per the majority age regulation in Quebec’s province, the winner must have to reach 18 years to claim the trophy.The family member, legal spouses of the competition’s organizers, officers, employees, and director cannot participate in this contest, and the agents, representatives, are excluded from this competition.

The candidate from Canada needs to fill up all the information asked in the participation form and accept the competition rules and regulations stated on the website. The size and gender column is given for the administrating purposes to distribute equitably to the desired genre.

Participants of Onmarche Com Inscription should carry their identity and eligibility proof, as at any time of the competition, the GDPL may require the candidate’s identity and eligibility proof. All the documents should be valid and accurate. The GDPL can exclude anyone from participating at any stage of the contest if the participator failed to provide the records or if the provided documents are false, inaccurate, having misleading information.


It is mandatory to provide the necessary information in the participation form. They have mentioned people need to serve the identity accurate and complete proof and eligibility proof.

On the website, they mentioned the competition would be occurred by keeping some points in mind; people must keep maintaining distance from others, cover their faces with a mask, wash their hands, or apply hand sanitizer, etc. So people can participate in this fantastic competition.

In the Onmarche Com Inscription competition, people need to obey all the rules and regulations stated on the website.

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  1. Du a mon cacer des intestins et chimio mes pieds sont engourdis
    je marche 2 km vendredi
    je msrche 2km samedi
    je maerche 2km dimanche

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