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Ontario Testing Error {Jan} Is This Authentic News?

Ontario Testing Error {Jan}  Is This Authentic News?    -> Hey readers have a look here to know about the Covid19 testing error found in Burlington!

Well, the news regarding Ontario Testing Error regarding covid19, which took place in Burlington, Canada.

Well, as the Government officials had strictly asked the citizens for testing covid19 if they come across any symptoms similar to covid19 symptoms. So, people have to get tested for Covid19. While many of the other work fields have made it mandatory for their clients and employees to present their Covid19 test before joining to work. So, it’s essential to get tested. 

Recently, we heard that somewhere the covid19 test misdiagnosed some people and the test gave incorrect results to the people. At least thirty of the people were being told that they are found tested positive when they were not!

Read all the news relating to it below!

What Is Covid19 Ontario Testing Error?

Well, its found that Ontario covid19 testing error has misguided thirty people by given wrong test and this was just because the official found some errors while testing.

The HRLMP (Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine program) in Canada gave a positive test report to at least thirty one of the individuals which later were found that they were not having any Covid19 symptoms and when they undergone the test again it was found that they had negative test results. Soon, All the person who received incorrect reports were taken immediately for retesting.

The test was supposed to be collected in Burlington, Hamilton and the areas surrounding it on thirty and thirty first of December and soon Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine program were asked to process this.

An Ontario testing error had caused commotion and confusion among people of Burlington. Out of the thirty individual sixteen people who received negative test report were basically the ones with covid19 positive results. And left over fifteen people who received the positive report where covid19 negative ones.

Statement Made By Interim HRLMP Chief:

Seeing such a blunder done by Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine program,  the chief head had to apologize to people who were misdiagnosed. The statement made by him to the people was “ We sincerely apologize for the impact on those who had given incorrect test report”, said Dr. Marek Smieja, the chief of HRLMP.

He added up though we experienced Ontario Testing Error recently but “ we would like to thank the health care employees who are working tirelessly day and night with full dedication amid this pandemic to enable the people to get their test done correctly.

The chief said that the HRLMP currently test at least twenty five hundred test every day and since ten months that is March 2020 they had tested nearly 3,50,000 covid19 test. HRLMP operates jointy with St. Joseph Healthcare located in Hamilton and Health Sciences of Hamilton. 


Well, the news was authentic one that has recently occurred in Burlington. As the chief official Dr. Marek  Smieja the HRLMP Chief asked for apologies from the person who was misdiagnosed. So, this article was all about Ontario Testing Error and we had covered up all the important discussions about it in this article.

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