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Open Hand Foundation Scam: Check Details On Charity Fraud Twitter

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about how fundraising campaign for NGOs turned out to be Twitter Charity Open Hand Foundation Scam.

Did you know that Open Hand Foundation, a charity NGO and non-profit organization in the United States, was started by Charles Khalil(father) along with both sons, Jacque and Jirard? After demise of their parents, both sons were running NGO. Let’s learn a shocking truth revealed by Karl Jobst, a YouTuber on the Twitter Charity Open Hand Foundation Scam.

About Open Hand Foundation Scam:

Gaming creator Jirard Khalil, also known as “The Completionist,” is currently facing serious allegations of charity fraud. Open Hand Foundation is accused of keeping $600,000 intended for dementia research. 

On November 14, YouTuber Karl Jobst exposed scam in a 1.5-hour video titled – This Charity is Lying to You. Despite raising $600,000, Open Hand Foundation allegedly hasn’t used any for its stated mission of dementia research. 

About Open Hand Foundation Scam


  • Their 990-PF tax forms from 2014-2022 reveal $655,520 in assets by 2022.
  • Not a single grant or contribution has been given during that time. Open Hand Foundation Twitter has 250k+ subscribers.
  • Expenses listed are miscellaneous and used by Jirard himself.
  • Open Hand Foundation failed to report donations to IRS, violating legal implications.
  • Donations meant for poverty relief seemingly didn’t reach intended communities, raising doubts about charity’s impact.
  • Financial records suggest payments to family members lacked transparency, fueling concerns of self-dealing.
  • Unallocated investment funds suffered substantial losses without being reported to donors.
  • Attempts to seek clarification from Jirard were met with vague responses and perceived stonewalling.

Jirard claimed he only learned in late 2021-22 that money hadn’t been donated, a decade into leading charity. 

Questions raised about Open Hand Charity Scam:

Questions raised about Open Hand Charity Scam

Jirard insists he’s actively addressing situation, but people are seeking concrete proof after years of perceived dishonesty. Jirard explained that donations before 2014 were being accumulated for a substantial contribution, and his colleagues defended him, asserting he’s a good person. So,

  • Whether Jirard’s family is sole staff at foundation.
  • If he genuinely didn’t know about funds accumulating.
  • How Jirard used some money for his indie event while claiming ignorance about funds.
  • Why were funds for dementia research diverted for personal use.
  • Why money wasn’t distributed to avoid taxes. 

Uncovering Open Hand Charity Scam:

Uncovering Open Hand Charity Scam

If donations were solicited under false pretences, that constitutes charity fraud. He mentioned saving funds for a substantial donation, but delaying it without urgency is ethically questionable for a charity. With his family practically running foundation, a lack of know-how in handling donations is considered a form of negligence.

Jirard’s response:

Jirard's response

Following scam gaining attention, Jirard, in his Completionist persona, responded on his website. Response aimed to disprove core allegations and address points raised by Jobst. While Jirard’s response was thorough, critics emphasized lack of specific details and tangible evidence, raising lingering doubts about charity’s operations.

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Open Hand Foundation Twitter and Jirard’s reply:

  • Jirard acknowledged delays but committed to improving reporting and transparency with a new accountant.
  • He stated that donations were used as intended but admitted to communication and record-keeping lapses.
  • He defended family payments as legitimate consulting fees for supporting charity’s goals.
  • Jirard admitted to a regrettable investment loss but denied intentional deception.
  • He chooses not to engage further with Jobst due to scepticism about his motives; instead, he focuses on addressing concerns within his community.

Ongoing Developments and Impact:

  • Following expose, several developments have unfolded, adding complexity to situation.
  • California’s Attorney General’s Office initiated an investigation into potential violations by Open Hand Foundation Scam.
  • Prominent figures in gaming journalism publicly committed to ending support for Completionist stream fundraisers.
  • Karl Jobst released an updated video emphasizing gravity of accusations and addressing criticisms.
  • Efforts by Jirard to address allegations in livestreams drew criticism for circular arguments and lack of substantive responses.
  • Open Hand Foundation’s 2020 tax filing, updated in December, still lacked vital details on program expenses, heightening concerns and hurting its credibility.

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Trending news about the Open Hand Foundation Scam is possibly true due to evidence of tax documentation reviewed by Karl Jobst. Jirard accepted on Karl’s call recording that donation amount is present in bank account and has not been disbursed to any NGO since 2014. Jacque’s sceptical email response avoided any further discussion. However, legal ruling is still awaited.

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