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Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Reviews [Dec 2020] Is it Scam?

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Reviews [Dec 2020] Is it Scam? -> The report will give a precise analysis of a website selling clothes and accessories.

Want to know about a webstore selling fashionable clothes? We will be telling about a webstore Osmosetech.com that sells clothing for kids, men, and women, and some accessories like bags, etc. We have researched well and have come up with Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Reviews to judge it. The website is not very young and has been selling online for the last many months.

You need to know about its legitimacy before spending any money or sharing any vital details. It is essential in today’s world of continuous scamming going on the internet. The website is from INDIA and has certain aspects that need to be analyzed thoroughly. Hence, we will help you understand those aspects to conclude its legitimacy and then only shop finally.

What is Osmosetech.com?

The website has been running for a few months and has products like fashion clothing for men, women, and kids. It sells accessories like backpacks and travel bags, too, at discounted prices. They deliver you within 7 to 10 days, and returns are accepted only within 1 to 3 days.

The checkout is possible only after logging on to the website. The payment methods available on the website are various credit cards. An office address is available on the website, whereas no email address or phone number is available for raising any query.

Specifications of Osmosetech.com

  • Website – Sellers of fashion clothing and accessories
  • Country – India
  • Shipping charge – No information available
  • Delivery – Within 7 to 10 days
  • Returns – Acceptable within 1 to 3 days
  • Office Address – Office no. 602 Kumar Surabhi Opp. Sai Baba Mandir Hotel Panchami Pune
  • Email – Not available
  • Phone – Nt available
  • Payment modes – Credit cards
  • Social media – No links available

Positive Features of Osmosetech.com

  • The website is on the internet for the last eight months.
  • A mailing address of INDIA is available on the website.

Negative Features of Osmosetech.com

  • The website has a lot of information hidden or unavailable for the customers.
  • The return policy is entirely unacceptable. Many conditions are present in the return of products.
  • Specific Osmotech Pvt Ltd Reviews available online, are for Network marketing.
  • There is a dispute on whether the company runs a fashion business or a network marketing one.
  • Social media icons on the website are fake.

Is the website Osmosetech.com Legit?

The website got launched about eight months ago and has a lot of traffic, as shown by Alexa’s ranking. But, the Osmotech Pvt Ltd Reviews available on the web are for a network marketing company, which is opposite to what the website shows. There are no social media links available for the website, whereas many posts are available for the company’s network marketing business.

The contradiction of fashion business online and mlm business in the reviews make it a suspicious website. People cannot trust such a website that has so many contradictions about what it offers. Its legitimacy is questionable by many users on social media sites like Facebook. The company website seems to be a possibly illegitimate site due to a lot of unavailable information.

What Customers talk about Osmosetech.com?

There are several Osmotech Pvt Ltd Reviews available online for the network marketing business that they offer. However, no reviews are available for the fashion clothing that the website is offering. People have given their ratings for the networking business only, and some customers call it a scam. The people are doubting its genuineness and do not consider it a reliable company.

We could not find any Osmotech Pvt Ltd Reviews for the website Osmosetech.com and its products. There is no feedback available for clothing on social media or even review sites. Hence, the website’s authenticity remains questionable, and we cannot consider it as a trustworthy website. The information available and the language used on the website also make it quite unprofessional. Online shoppers cannot rely upon such a site that has no option available to make any queries.

The Conclusion

The website selling fashion clothing and accessories online cannot be called a trustworthy or legitimate site. There is a lot of missing information, and users have no option but to avoid the site. People cannot risk their money on a site with disputed identity.

Still, we request our readers to judge the site at their level and give their comments or feedback about the contradicting site. Be cautious while browsing or shopping on the suspicious site is our only suggestion.

11 thoughts on “Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Reviews [Dec 2020] Is it Scam?

  1. Free registration. Osmose technology pvt Ltd. No scam original company with all documents. Sponsor I’d to join OS25378511
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  2. India’s first profit share app.I proud I m joined OSMOSE TECHNOLOGY….9892369310 u want daily income? Call me

  3. SCAM Warning! – Osmose technologies is SURELY A SCAM. They are forwarding info banners on social media like Whatsapp with a Government of India logo. Which is totally false. Which is a clear sign of SCAM!!

  4. Hi,

    I joined Osmose and its working. It has paid more than lac rupees per day to many members. And still giving it from last 9 months. How could it be scam? To Join & to know more please whats app your Name and number on +91 7020989834.

  5. Company not paying up any one
    Creating fake coin apps now which is not listed on Google play
    No on responding
    Selling scrap products defective also
    Whatsapp groups closed by members due to bad mouth of each members now

    1. Hello James! Thank you for your eye-opening comment and for visiting our site. This will be useful for other readers and would help them make their minds for this particular site. Thank you! Have a Great Day! Stay Safe!

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