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Ossupport.us Scam {Dec} Be Safe From Ossupport.us Scam!

Ossupport.us Scam {Dec} Be Safe From Ossupport.us Scam! >> Beware of fraudulent calls by scammers, which can approach you & harm your device’s data, alert.

Are you aware of the Ossupport.us Scam? Have you received any such scammers call?

Don’t worry, our unbiased and well-researched review will guide you about the scam, and you can stay alert.

People in the United States are disturbed as one of the scammer groups is approaching innocent users. The world is rapidly growing, and depending upon the digital ways, scammers are also finding and developing new and various ways to scam the people.

The scammers have just one motive, and that is to steal the personal and financial information of the user and misuse the information for their benefits.

Let’s check about this scam.

What is Ossupport.us Scam?

Among the rapid race of trending scams, one of the top brand’s names has also become vigilant in the trending scam. This scam is made by the smart scammer’s chain, where they act to be “Microsoft Tech Support” team person. The fraud involves the spam calls made the scammer to the customer, mentioning that their system/computer is diagnosed with some technical issues or glitches with Microsoft.

During the resolution process, they ask the user to follow specific steps, which the scammer delivers over the call, to resolve the technical issue or glitch. They make sure that the user shall consider them as the tech support person and go ahead with the process.

What is that process in Ossupport.us Scam?

As the user receives the call from the scammer, who represents him as the tech support person from Microsoft, he asks the user to follow the below steps-

  • User is asked to visit the www.ossupport.us website.
  • Then the next instruction says that upon seeing a boy on the user’s screen, click on his face.
  • Post clicking it will download some software (some unknown software).
  • Users from the United States can get trap with such a scam.

How to prevent this scam?

  • The user must be vigilant and check the following points to avoid being scammed.
  • The call must be from some fake number like 602-795-2230. Do not receive such calls.
  • For Ossupport.us Scam, we will say that Microsoft is the brand which never calls any user abruptly without any consumer complaint.
  • The support person will never ask you to download any unknown software to your device.

The information about the website is legit:

The website was created on 6th March 2020, 9 months ago; is having a meager trust score and also has a misleading address.

Customer’s views:

As available on some reliable sites, people who did receive the calls from the scammers, they did not go for the step to download the software. So this is our advice to the readers that you shall not entertain such calls as they are fake.

Final Verdict:

To conclude Ossupport.us Scam as we have mentioned that the scammers have a very creative mind and they trap innocent people, such scam is this, so please do not fall under such a trap.

If mistakenly you have got to download such unknown software, then immediately disconnect your system from internet and approach to some right tech-savvy person, who can scan the system for unwanted hidden software and disable them permanently.

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