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OSU Hit Sound Roblox ID (July 2021) Find The ID Here!

OSU Hit Sound Roblox ID (July 2021) Find The ID Here! >> Read more about the fun sound features available in the popular online game and how to get it quickly.

Killing time is getting difficult with each passing day. Then it is time for you to get acquainted with an online platform that would be the all you need a solution. 

People in the United States have discovered the perfect online gaming platform to keep themselves entertained in their leisure time, and that platform is none other than Roblox. The online forum is so extensive that each day the players associated with the platform tend to learn new things or feature about the platform. 

Current knowledge that the fans of the platform would be interested in would be about the OSU Hit Sound Roblox ID. Hence let’s find out why it’s the current topic of interest and what is its deal. 

What is OSU Mania Roblox? 

One of the most popular online gaming apps in recent years is Roblox, which is available on various devices such as tablets, phones, computers, etc. As a result, it is gaining popularity worldwide, predominately in the United States. The platform allows players to grow creatively by designing their games and sharing them as a global community. The platform has approximately more than 90 million fans. 

OSU mania or OSU is a game mode with which OSU Hit Sound Roblox ID is associated. It is a widely used mode in games with rhythm. The game is the test of players motor coordination to hit the notes showed on the screen. The player presses the correct key for specific notes at a given time. 

How to get the OSU Hit Sound?

If one wishes to acquire the sound for the game, then all they have to do is follow some simple instructions. Hence let’s see what those simple steps are after getting OSU Hit Sound Roblox ID. 

  • First, go to Roblox official website and type into the top OSU hit sound and go to the library. 
  • That will bring you lots of sounds options. These are all OSU Hit sound effects. 
  • The ID of the sound you like, select it and copy the ID. 
  • Go to the OSU game and go to settings. In the game’s settings, scroll through to find the “High note sound” option. 
  • In the “High note sound” option, paste the ID copied to get the hit sound. 

OSU Hit Sound Roblox ID

One of the main things regarding the sound that people were looking for was the ID number. We found the ID number from our research and hence mentioned it here for the convenience of fans of the game.

The ID for the OSU Hit sound is 7147209692. The sound has six ratings by the people on an online platform.


In conclusion, we would highlight that the game has a good reception among people and immensely enjoys the game. As it is a rhythm game, it is not surprising that one of the most asked questions about the game happens to be about OSU Hit Sound Roblox ID. We hope that with the information presented, the readers can enjoy the game more.

If you want to know more about the Hit Sounds available in the game, visit  

Have you played the game with Hit sounds yet? We would love to hear about your experience in the comments section below.

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