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Ownwell Property Tax {May} Discover What Is Its Purpose?

Read about Ownwell Property Tax process and mission to learn how they are helping Property Tax Protesters on saving money.

Did you know that Ownwell Tax Protest is not a name given to any revolution or protest? Yet, Ownwell services made a piece of news as it successfully served its clients from Texas. Did you know that the United States government sends out property tax assessments every year, and people pay huge amounts of taxes that could have been exempted?

Let’s learn about a new Ownwell Property Tax firm helping this cause.


Pace is the founder of Ownwell. He is a self-made entrepreneur who grew up in a family that had a large area of agricultural land. Pace lived in North Dallas ranches for 16 years. He became familiar with property tax rates and exemptions when he started to handle property tax assessments of his family’s land.

Pace learned that there is a wide gap of knowledge between a regular landowner and a real estate investor. The regular landowners either pay the amount levied in tax assessment or hire an attorney to handle the process. 

Ownwell Property Tax Protest Reviews:

It was understood by Pace that the regular landowners end up either paying high taxes or high attorney fees. But, at the same time, the real state owners take advantage of exemptions provided by the government to get property tax exemptions and save thousands of dollars.

Pace started Ownwell to help regular landowners and based their business on high morals. The customer only needs to pay Ownwell if they successfully claim a tax exemption. Ownwell takes only 25% of the tax amount saved! 

The user can sign up freely on www.ownwell.com and fill few details for the Ownwell Property Tax assessment. Ownwell customer service will evaluate the tax assessment and call back the customer with information on how much amount they can save.

Only if the customer agrees with the amount of savings offered by Ownwell they can take their services. Ownwell only has 27 employees, but this does not restrict their performance. Ownwell has already developed and used a start of the art proprietary software to create the best tax exemption case for their client.

It is estimated that Ownwell was able to successfully claim tax exemption for every nine out of ten clients. It was ascertained that Ownwell Property Tax was able to save an average amount of $1,457 in taxes for their clients. Currently, Ownwell is operational in Florida, Washington, California and Texas. Ownwell has big plans for expansion in future.


Ownwell is new commercial firm providing property tax filing services for regular landowners who do not know of property tax exemptions. Ownwell seems getting established as a genuine brand providing services at a very low cost compared to the fees payable for hiring an attorney. If Ownwell is unsuccessful in claiming tax exemption, they do not charge for their services. Hence, Ownwell became popular. 

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