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Owshoe Reviews [June] – Is This A Legitimate Website?

Owshoe Reviews [June] – Is This A Legitimate Website? -> This article covers all the pros and cons of a website that sells kids’ shoes. Do you want to buy shoes of good quality for your kids? Then it would help if you read this article.

This article is about a website called Owshoe.com. There are many owshoe reviews on the internet. It is a new website in the United States that entered the field of e-commerce just two months ago.

However, is owshoe.com legit? Can you buy genuine products on the website? Are they made of good quality materials? You will find out the answer to all of your questions in this review. So please read it thoroughly till the end without skipping any part.

What Is Owshoe.com?

Owshoe.com is an online store that sells kids’ shoes. The shoes look cute and comfortable for the children. They are flexible, and thus, your kids won’t feel their feet stuffed inside the shoes.

Owshoe.com has shoes for both boys and girls. Your kids would also love the adorable design of the shoes. Moreover, the company used leather to make shoes. As a result, the shoes are breathable. It means that your kids’ won’t get wet due to sweating inside the shoes. It would also prevent fungal infections and smell in your kids’ feet. 

If you want to buy products from Owshoe.com, then you should have a PayPal account. The shipping costs are not known. The website calculates the shipping costs after you place the order.

Specifications of Owshoe.com:

  • Product: Kids Shoe
  • Email: service@owshoe.com
  • Payment Method: PayPal
  • Returns: Applicable for 30 days
  • Refunds: Applicable
  • Exchanges: Not specified
  • Processing time: 1-2 days
  • Shipping time: 6-9 days
  • Shipping cost: Not mentioned
  • Contact Address: Brinton Kaufman1923 E. Pelican Dr., Oak Island, NC 28465 United States
  • Contact Number: (360) 771-6447

Pros Of Buying Shoes From Owshoe.com:

  • The shoes are soft and comfortable for kids
  • The company uses genuine leather to design the shoes
  • It has a flexible rubber sole
  • The shoes are cute and look good on tiny feet
  • It has a 30-day return policy
  • The website is SSL protected

Cons Of Buying Shoes From Owshoe.com:

  • It does not mention details about the exchange process
  • Delivery takes more than a week
  • It only has PayPal as a payment option
  • The owner’s identity is hidden
  • The website is just two months old

Is Owshoe.com Legit?

Owshoe.com registered its domain on the 9th of April 2020. The website says that it only sells kids’ shoes. However, the website sells many other types of products. Some of those products are completely unrelated.

According to a website, the identity of the owner of Owshoe.com hides with the help of a software. It shows that the owner is unwilling to connect to the customers. Usually, only scammers hide their identity.

If you look at the ‘About Us’ page of the website, you will notice many grammatical errors. It shows that the website doesn’t make any effort to look professional.

Since the website started just two months ago, it is highly untrustworthy.

What Are People Saying About Owshoe.com?

The website does not have an option for the customers to give a product rating and review. Therefore, we cannot find out if the customers are satisfied with the products. 

Almost all the other review websites give a negative review of Owshoe.com. The main reason behind it is that the owner of Owshoe.com hides his identity.

Owshoe.com does not have any social media presence. Therefore, you can’t connect or follow the website. People find it difficult to trust a website that doesn’t have a social media presence. Such websites usually have a very low trust index on the internet and don’t last for a long time.

Final Verdict:

Owshoe.com has only PayPal as a payment option. It is very convenient for scam websites to give only PayPal as a payment option.

The website has all the necessary pages, and it also has complete contact information. However, since it started just two months ago, it is not trustworthy.

According to some reviews, the website also has hidden pages where it sells electronic items. If the website wanted to do serious business, then it wouldn’t give a chance to the customers to doubt it.

However, there are many reasons why online shoppers should stay away from it. We definitely don’t recommend the Owshoe.com website and suggest you look for other alternatives.

0 thoughts on “Owshoe Reviews [June] – Is This A Legitimate Website?

  1. I looked for tractor tires on Google and Owshoe came up with a lower price. I have tried calling their phone number for over a week to ask a question and it is always busy.

  2. Same results trying to contact by phone here… always a busy signal. I do not recommend anyone attempt a purchase here until a more definitive effort is made by the site owner(s) to make their identity known and to have a reliable way to be able to physically make contact.

  3. This is a scam site!!! I called UPS with the tracking number they provided to me and it wasn’t even my shipping address that it was supposed shipped to. I can’t believe PAYPAL is abetting their scam.

  4. Purchased a electric trolling motor . Money was taken still and nothing I recived a tracking number that belong to someone else. Have emailed called nothing starting to get the feeling that I got screwed.

  5. I ordered a igniter circuit board and the tracking number shoes it was delivered before I even boughtthe part….probably won’t get that $64 back…contacted PayPal and waiting for a response

    1. Kindly go through the official website for more information about refund policy and know your tracking order also… thank you

  6. Purchased an item June 28th – no confirmation email… Emailed company at service@owshoe.com no reply, yet… From earlier comments, it appears this is a scam sight… Have any recourse of recovering funds if proves not legitimate?

    1. Thanks for your reply…visit the site to know more about the site legitimacy….thank you…

  7. Also, PayPal showed funds being delivered to a “Shameka Peoples”… Same for others who purchased?

    1. Thanks for your response and make you build your satisfaction to go through the official website… thank you…

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