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Pacote Roblox Claire {Nov 2021} Purchase To Enjoy Game!

In this post, we have discussed Pacote Roblox Claire that players can buy from the Avatar Shop and is exclusively available on Xbox One.

Do you like playing online games on the Roblox platform? Are you finding new character packages for Roblox? If yes, then read this post.

Roblox is one of the largest online gaming platforms, and it offers many bundles on its avatar shop. Roblox players in Brazil are looking for the Roblox Claire Package. So, in this post, we will discuss Pacote Roblox Claire, which is exclusively available on Xbox One.

About Roblox

Roblox is the largest gaming platform. The gaming platform is a game development software system as well as an online gaming platform. Roblox allows users to experience programming games as well as games created by other users. Roblox is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Microsoft Store, and X|S Xbox Series. 

Roblox, an online video gaming platform with far more than 215 million monthly active players all through the globe as of 2021. The online gaming platform is free to play for everyone, with various in-app transactions accessible. Before knowing Pacote Roblox Claire, let us learn more about Xbox One, where Claire is exclusively available.

About Xbox One

Xbox One is a successful line of video game consoles made for connecting display devices such as television to play games at home. It is the successor of the Xbox 360 model and the third console in the lineup of the Xbox video game console. 

Xbox One earned good reviews for its redefined controller design, various multimedia features as well as voice navigation. The console was quieter than its predecessors and had a cooler design. As of 2021, 50 million units of Xbox One were sold.

About Pacote Roblox Claire

Claire is a package or bundle from Xbox One. The bundle was released in the avatar shop of Roblox on 30th September 2015. Currently, players can purchase the bundle for free in the catalog of Xbox One and is exclusively available on Xbox One.

Claire is among the most exclusive Roblox avatars that players can get for free. Players can change the look of the avatar by buying other in-app accessories for it. As of 11th November 2021, it has been favorited more than 310 thousand times and was purchased more than 5 million times.

Now that we know about Pacote Roblox Claire let’s learn more information on Avatar Shop on Roblox. 

About Avatar Shop on Roblox

Avatar Shop is a catalog or a section on the online gaming platform Roblox. In the Avatar Shop, users can purchase various virtual items such as faces, heads, gear, T-shirts, accessories, pants, shirts, animation packs, bundles, and layered clothing for their avatar. In the Avatar shop, users can only make transactions using Robux, the official virtual Roblox currency.


Claire is one of the most sought-after free avatar packages in Roblox Avatar Shop, but only Xbox One players can access the bundle and purchase it. Visit Claire Roblox Wiki Fan page  to know more.

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