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Paquete Kendo Samurai Free Fire {Aug} Read About It!

Paquete Kendo Samurai Free Fire {Aug} Read About It! >> This post contains a series of offers made available by the gaming company on the game’s fourth anniversary.

Free fire is celebrating its fourth anniversary, and it has released a patch note on this occasion for its fan worldwide.

Paquete Kendo Samurai Free Fire is inspired by East Asian characters and is quite popular among new gamers. Free fire keeps updating its game regularly so that players don’t lose interest in the game, and they have been successful in doing it.

They have come with many updates on their fourth anniversary to reward the player with gifts and new interesting features. 

Free fire patch note:

 The patch note is released on the 4th anniversary of the game; many additional features and few characters have been added. Paquete Kendo Samurai Free Fire is also getting popular among many players as it is available for sale, but players can also get it for free as gifts.

As far as patch note is concerned, players can download this as an update at google play. Two new players are added through this update, while old ones are modified to suit the new game environment. Some features of the patch note are listed below:

  • The lone wolf is a new gaming mode that is available through this patch note.
  • Dimitri and Thiva are two new characters introduced through this note.
  • New rifle Ac80 is available for battle royal and clash squad games.

Paquete Kendo Samurai Free Fire:

Samurai pack is a cool addition to this game, and a Japanese hero inspires its character.  The three samurai pack that allows you to make your character’s appearance better and increases their sword skill are zombie, blood moon, and shoot packs.

Three of them are discussed in brief below.

  • Zombie samurai: This pack has been released recently, and most of them have used redeem codes to get their samurai for free. Its fierce look is great for any battlefield. 
  • Blood moon: This pack has some look of ninja warrior, and it uses a light weapon for fight.
  • Shoot pack: This pack is based on kendo warrior and are different from samurai and ninja warrior.

Destiny Guardian for Paquete Kendo Samurai Free Fire players:

Free fire players can win many gifts in the form of weapons, attire, packs, and pets. They need to participate in the faded wheel event, which will start on 7th August 2021 and end on 5th September 2021. 

So it’s a long event, and no player should miss the chance of winning destiny guardian, a powerful weapon for their character. One should follow the below-mentioned steps to win the reward:

  • Open the free fire app and look for the faded wheel event in the event section.
  • One should remove the two-item they are not interested in getting.
  • They can spin the wheel to earn destiny guardian and other gifts.

Final verdicts:  

Paquete Kendo Samurai Free fire and many other interesting gifts and items are made available for players on the 4th anniversary of the game. So players should not miss this opportunity and try to win gifts for their characters.

Players getting gifts can share their experience in the comment section and give their opinion about this post below. To know more about samurai packs, read here.

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