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Parler Alternative Download (Jan) Get All Details Here

Parler Alternative Download (Jan) Get All Details Here >> This article talks about the ban of an app from the Google Play Store on policy violation.

There has been a buzz worldwide ever since the news about Parler being removed from the Google Playstore. It has come as a rude shock to many. Through this article, we have tried to bring to you all that you need to know about this recent removal of Parler from the Google Playstore. 

There have been a lot of searches made on the internet stating ‘ Parler Alternative Download.’

Read on to know more about this.

Why did Google Playstore ban Parler?

Google has recently given out that the app store wants to have apps with user-specific content to help stop the violence on the internet. 

The app store has talked about the posting on the Parler app, which is about the violence going ahead in the United States. There have been talks about a debate continuing in the content policies that can cause issues to remove all the content that violates the guidelines instantly. 

People are making searches on the internet, stating, Parler Alternative Download.’

It is why the app store has removed such apps from the playstore in the current scenario where such apps can cause issues of public safety till the time that app talks about such issues and take immediate action in the interest of public safety.

How is the Parler Ban impacting the people on social media?

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this decision; all supporters of Donald Trump have talked about it being a big blow to them. There had been a lot of Trump supporters on the platform. 

There are people making internet searches like ‘ Parler Alternative Download.’

However, after this removal, the Trump supporters can still access the app as it is even hosted by the third-party apps available on the stores that Google doesn’t operate. 

There have been reports going on the internet that the Apple team has also warned Parler to remove it from the iOS app store. However, there has been no official confirmation regarding the same.

Parler is part of new platforms promoting the freedom of speech among the people.

Public Reaction

We tried to find the public reaction to the situation and found that the Parler Alternative Download is a trending search on google. Some people are trying to find an alternative to this app. Some people support this removal, while some of them are against it.

Final Conclusion

As per the factors mentioned above, we think removing the app is done to ensure public safety. We believe that this step will help curb the spread of violence that has been getting in the online space, especially in the ongoing situation.

What are your thoughts on the situation? So you think that it was a wise move to remove the app from the app store?

Write down your reviews in the comments section below. We would love if you share your feedback with us.

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