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Party Starter Aut (Sep 2021) A B Tier Unobtainable!

In this post, you will learn about the Party Starter Aut stand, getting popular with gamers.

Are you wondering about what is Party Starter in A Universal Time Roblox? Roblox is one of the most famous gaming platforms in the United States and throughout the globe and A Universal Time is probably the most trending game on Roblox currently.

The new update of AUT has undoubtedly made many changes to the game. One of the significant changes is Cake Platinum is renamed Party Starter. This post will discuss everything about Party Starter and how it is connected to the Cake Platinum. 

Let us discuss more Party Starter Aut further in the post. 

What is Party Starter in AUT? 

It is an unobtainable stand in A Universal Time game that is getting popular because of its features. This stand is the new version of Cake Platinum, a B tier unobtainable stand and has many features, including its epic pose.

 It has shiny good-looking skin, and Party Starter has a lot of exciting moves because of which it is getting the attention of the gamers. Party Starter cannot be obtained by completing tasks. It is unobtainable, so you can only get it by trade or an admin item.

Party Starter Aut Moveset?

There are many slick moves in this Party Starter stand, but some have low damage, which most gamers don’t like. Anyway, here are some of the most exciting moves of Party Starter Stand: 

  • E+Hold (Barrage) – It lasts over 9 seconds and deals 12 damage per hit.
  • R (Heavy Punch) – It takes a little while to connect a punch, but it deals over 60 damage at one hit.
  • T (Accelerated knives) – The move looks like a beam, dealing with critical damage to others.
  • Y (Thunder Gods destruction) – In this Party Starter Aut move, thunder falls from the sky.
  • F (Time Stop) – This move stops the time and lets you perform your moves to the enemy.
  • G (Ground Strike) deals with 80 damage at one shot and hurts multiple enemies surrounding you.
  • V (teleport) – This move gives you the ability to teleport while performing your move and attack the enemy.
  • B (Self-heal) – This move is used to heal to protect yourself from others. It heals you over three health per punch. 
  • C (Dodge) – In this Party Starter Aut move, you travel a short distance while gliding and dodge your enemy’s attacks. 

The Final Verdict 

A Universal time is undoubtedly one of the best games in Roblox, and the update made it more enjoyable and exciting by adding so many features to the game. You should trade for this stand and check out what it is; however, it is totally up to you. Check out here to learn more about the Party Starter in A Universal Time

What do you think about this stand? Let us know your views on this stand on A Universal Time in the comments section below. Also, do share this Party Starter Aut post to inform others about it.

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