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Paymentus Email Scam (Jan 2021) Explore to be Aware

Paymentus Email Scam (Jan 2021) Explore to be Aware. >> This article tells about scam emails claiming to be from a genuine company that helps you make online bill payments.

Do you agree that paying monthly bills can be a bit boring for most of us? It won’t be an overstatement to say that we all long for someone who could help us with this monthly task.

What if there is a company that promises to take care of all this?

Here is a company that offers instant payment facilities to more than 1500 clients in 48 states across the United States.

This billing company is called Paymentus.

But is it a real name or is Paymentus Email Scam?

Let us discover through the following article.

But before that, let us first understand the innovative mission of Paymentus.

What is Paymentus?

Paymentus is the fastest growing instant payment network that offers the most comprehensive billing and payment options. It has a vast ecosystem to cater to the demands of the contemporary bill payer.

It allows customers to make a payment with their computer, mobile device, or opt for in-person payments. 

After discovering such promising highlights about the company, we sincerely hope that our answer to, Is Paymentus Email Scam should be no.

Sadly, this is not the case.

Many fishy companies are trying to harp on the popularity of Paymentus and encash it by unfair means. Therefore, one has to be cautious.

What should one be cautious about?

There is no doubt that Paymentus is a real name. It is passionate about its mission to boost online payments and paperless billing.

Paymentus usually uses one of the following three email addresses-

  •    jdoe@paymentus.com
  •    jane.doe@paymentus.com
  •    jane@paymentus.com

But some spurious companies want to make a fortune by circulating fake emails that are closely similar to Paymentus genuine email.

Sadly, many customers in the United States are falling victim to this email fraud. 

In this fraud, scam companies send fake utility bills from phoney email addresses. Such emails say that their utility payments are due immediately.

One has to observe caution about Paymentus Email Scam if one receives an email:

  • From a utility company located in a different territory where you live
  • With a utility bill that looks different from your regular bill
  • From a different company that asks for personal information such as Social Security Number, bank details, or credit or debit card information
  • That threatens you

It is best to delete such emails immediately and not click on any attached links.

If you receive an email from any doubtful email address, you can report it on the Paymentus website on the Product Support/Customer Care page. You can also call them to confirm if they have sent this email.

Final verdict:

Paymentus offers customers the most healthy payment options in today’s times.

Unfortunately, Paymentus Email Scam misuses the reputation of this genuine company for its selfish gain.

We advise you to keep the tips mentioned above in mind and not fall victim to spurious emails.

I hope our article was useful to you. We welcome you to add your comments.\

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