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Peekwise Com Reviews [April] – Should You Buy From It?

Peekwise Com Reviews [April] – Should You Buy From It? >> To know the answer of this question, you should read this whole post. Our expert team has given an analysis about this website, check it now!

The whole world is in havoc today and facing severe conditions, in the most affected countries the United States is one of them from a deadly virus. There are lots of scammers activated and created a fraud website and trapping people by selling antivirus mask. People are also giving response and purchasing the medical kits and mask from unknown source and site.

Many people also complain and lost thousands of dollars and received nothing from the website, but what if the next target is you? Buyers mustn’t purchase any product from any site in a hurry. It will cost them loss only; only legit website must be followed. Cheap cost product always not good for health and pocket because the scam website will attract you by offering products at a reasonable price. 

In this article, we will discuss the website name peekwise. We will cover the peekwise com reviews by the customers because a lot of confusion is around for the website and about its legitimacy. There are many websites continues doing fraud and scamming people, and people are getting aware of them.

Always check the reviews and ratings of the website from where you are purchasing online. Website is not giving cash on the delivery will be ok but the absence of an official address, not having proper email-id and poor web design will provide you with a hint about the website.

What is peekwise.com?

Peekwise is an online e-commerce store selling several varieties of products like kitchen items, electronic gadgets, office, schools, crafts, beauty health apparels and accessories for women and lots of other products. You will get thousands of products under one website. They have products in different colours and design.

Peekwise.com has a wide range of decore product like a lamp, wall hanging and pet accessories and one of the most ordered product is antivirus dust filter mask. Many customers order the mask, in the testimonial section, also the customers who received the product gave their opinion upon the product.

The company is also giving free shipping, but up to certain limitations, they are providing 60 days money-back guarantee. The customers can return the product within 60 days, and the company will get back to you with a complete refund to your account. You have to respond in the email the reason to return with a picture or making a video. 

Company is taking orders from worldwide, and it will take around 10 to 15 business or working day to reach the destination. You can ask for a refund if you receive any wrong or unmatched size, colour or any damaged product. But the customer is not happy with the delivery there are according to the peekwise com reviews except one or two customers all the other customers not received their shipment yet. 

Many of them try to contact customer care but not received any response from them. Those customers received the answer got assurance from them about the delivery. But few customers who got a response from customer care not assisted them and not gave any positive response. 

Features and Benefits (Pros and Cons of peekwise.com)

Pros of peekwise.com

  • Peekwise.com is giving 60 days return period to the customers; they can return the product within this period
  • Peekwise.com is taking orders from all over the world, but the delivery time may vary according to the destination
  • You can also ask for a refund if you received any damaged or unfit product
  • Shipping is free with specific limitation
  • They have several assortments of products like for kids, fashion wear, dust mask and many more.

Cons of peekwise.com

  • Customers reported not getting any delivery, the also complaint about the irresponsible behaviour about the customer care
  • Most of the customer’s order carbon filter mask, but most of them not received
  • They closed their Facebook account which sounds suspicious
  • They don’t have enough external links of the website
  • Negative remarks are more than positive comments by the customers
  • The information of owner, office address is not mentioned, they are hiding lots of details

Exchange and Return Policy

  • You can return the product within 60 days, but you have to submit the product with a picture and a valid reason
  • The product should be in good and its original pack at the time of return
  • If the product lost during delivery, then the company will not be responsible
  • Company will not be liable if the delivery not received due to a mistake done during the time of giving the address


The information on the article is based on the peekwise com reviews provided by the customers. We have provided our unbiased review, but the rest is up to you.

18 thoughts on “Peekwise Com Reviews [April] – Should You Buy From It?

  1. I ordered from PeekWise and website showed guaranteed in stock and delivery of face mask that I ordered. I was charged the minute I placed my order. 2 weeks passed and I kept checking the status of my order and it was non existent, I emailed customer service about a week from the date of order and about a week later I received an email that the order was being cancelled and that a refund would be issued. I then received an email from ‘Gabby’ stating since I questioned my order they cancelled it! NEVER again will I order from them. I ended up going back to Amazon and ordering the ‘same’ product that PeekWise had.

  2. Turns out they ended up refunding my order as well as shipping it along with extra filters. Wasn’t expecting it, so it was a great appreciated gesture

    1. When did you order? I ordered 4/4 and questioned why the order number did not appear in their tracking 4/20 and they canceled my order stating unforeseen shipping but they use USPS.

  3. They are a horrible company to deal with. They truly don’t care about their customers. Gabby in customer service is of no help whatsoever. I would find another company to deal with

  4. You guys needs to understand we are in the middle of a pandemic. They are not the ones to blame if your parcel is late.

  5. Absolute is a scammer. My order was placed on 31/01/2020 but never receive it. The most ridiculous is my shipping status switch to fulfilled without tracking number after I asking for refund through my bank.

  6. Ordered face mask March and NEVER received the shipment. Tried to communicate this to customer service but they kept blowing me off.
    Now they don’t acknowledge any of my emails and as always, when trying to track, it appears to have never left the country of origin, being CHINA.
    Do not trust. Do not purchase from this supplier.

  7. order filters and facemask april .. have not recieved oder. shipment indicates stuch in china requested refund no refund. when placing order i have emails indicating 10-20 business days for delivery .

  8. Never received my order, TERRIBLE customer service
    Website offered free shipping. I went to place an order no free shipping. I ordered several items from this company anyway. After 1 month passed and still not having my items, I emailed them asking for a status. They stated they shipped it. Another month went by, I explained I still haven’t received it. They said be patient. Another month went by, I asked “at what point is my package considered lost and eligible for a refund” – they stopped responding entirely. I send an email once a week now and they will not respond at all. I never give reviews, but now I will do everything I possibly can to expose this fraudulent organization for everything they really are.

  9. WARNING: Do not buy from this company!They boast of 100% Money back Guarantee and claim “Your happiness is our priority”. All lies, lies. lies! They use the pandemic as an excuse for extensive delivery time (4 months!) but they take your money immediately. I’ve had no trouble with other online retailers. They do not honor the 100% money back guarantee. I asked to cancel my order after three months of waiting and not receiving my masks. Long story short, I got an email telling me to cease and desist communication with them! Still trying to get my money back.

    1. !!!NEVER BUY from this company!!!!! I have fully paid them since 1st of Feb 2020 and never receive the masks !!! HALF YEAR ALREADY!!!, no response on email and they even removed facebook page and the feature to leave message on their own website.
      The only way they will reply is when you leave a negative comment on any product review website, they will challenge you are not a real customer and after I provide the proof of my purchase, they will disappear again and not giving and response again.

  10. Most people who complained here bought in the middle of lock-downs and flight disruptions, therefore it was reasonable to expect that delays would be inevitable. I’ve bought last month and received my products within 12 days from overseas, so not that bad.

  11. Browsing the site I came across several perfect presents for family and friends. Easy to order, well packed so came in excellent condition. Good prices.
    I will come browsing again, for sure!

  12. I don’t understand people complaining about delays when they bought in the middle of the COVID outburst. When I bought back in April, there was a disclaimer advising of inevitable delays. I received my parcel after almost 2 months, but I bough again in November and received in less than 2 weeks. The company is not the one to blame if you are impatient and don’t know how to read.

  13. Excellent store, very good communication, fast and efficient, very happy with my item was excellent quality and as described. Thanks

  14. Product I bought from PeekWise works and it was what they said it was. It fixed the scratch on my clear coat on my car.

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