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Pentos Reviews {July 2022} Know the Complete Information!

In this post, we’re reviewing Pentos Reviews. It is the first complete analytics and monitoring tool for Tiktok. Keep reading to find out more about the tool and decide whether it is the right one for you. 

According to the website, Pentos can provide users get insights on TikTok accounts, songs, videos, artists, trends, etc., all in one place. Also, according to the website, the tool can track anything that happens on TikTok.

Well, these are great buzzwords and quite huge promises. But do these words and promises are fake or a reality? Well, let’s find out. Below, we’ve reviewed the tool in detail. We’ve discussed for whom is this tool suitable, its features, pricing, and other points. Let’s start!

Who is Pentos for?

Pentos is a great tool for influencers, creators, small brands, and all others who want to grow on TikTok. Well, to be more precise, it is a must-have tool for you if you’re looking to understand and keep a track of account engagements, progress, and trends on TikTok. 

Pentos offers detailed insights that are not only easily accessible but also easy to understand. These powerful insights can be used by users for analyzing content, progress, trends, key areas that need improvement, and many more important areas. These insights can act as a base for TikTok users in planning, creating, and posting more successful content for the future. It can also help users to improve their TikTok marketing strategies. 

In this way, one can easily figure out the correct picture of where they stand on TikTok. Therefore, Pentos becomes the ultimate tool for every TikTok user to keep improving, growing, and reaching unimaginable heights.

Pentos’ features

Pentos’ features are split into two products – TikTok Analytics and TikTok Monitoring.

This is suitably aligned with two of the main actions a TikTok professional needs to undertake on a daily basis.

Therefore, we’ve reviewed its features following that same structure, highlighting the key features found within each of the two products.

TikTok Analytics

Profile Analytics – Using its profile analytics, you can go much beyond the 60-day limit inside of TikTok and monitor progress from now to forever. Not just monitor, you also get professionally curated analytics and reports of your profile progress. 

Song Analytics – Using this feature, you can track songs used by any creator. You can run an analysis to know which of your songs performed the best. You can also know about the trending songs on the platform.

Video Analytics – Using this feature, you can track videos of any creator. You can run an analysis to know about your best-performing videos on the platform. You can also know about the trending videos on the platform.

Hashtag Analytics – With the software’s effective Hashtag analytics feature, you can stay up-to-date with the latest happenings on the platform. You can take advantage of knowing about the hottest and trending hashtags on the platform. Also, you can about the performance of various hashtags.

Weekly Performance Reports – You can get metrics and analytics for your own content as well as other trending content from TikTok on a weekly basis. Not only you can keep an eye on your performance but also track other accounts, which include your peers and competitors. You can utilize this feature to benchmark yourself against the best.

Daily Update – The data provided gets refreshed every 24 hours.

Data Sorting – The feature provides you with group metrics for easy analysis.

Export data as PDF or CSV – Pentos allows its users to take their data with them. You can simply export your data. You can use the data wherever and whenever you need it. 

Simple Dashboard – You get a powerful dashboard, which is user-friendly, easily accessible, and easy to navigate. 

TikTok Monitoring

Hashtags MonitoringThis feature not only allows you to track the performance of any hashtag but also allows you to monitor videos posted for specific hashtags.

Influencer Monitoring – With this feature, you can monitor the content of any influencer on TikTok. It can help you improve your TikTok marketing strategy, check & understand trends, and launch killer strategies. 

Music Monitoring – You can monitor the best performing music on the platform. By using appropriate music in your content, you can capture the attention of Gen Z, millennials, and a whole new generation of consumers.

Viral Charts – With Pentos’ viral charts feature, you can never miss out on any viral content on TikTok. Using this feature, you can monitor your content on TikTok and get notified the moment anything goes viral. Not just this, you also get to set virality levels according to your needs.

Email Notification – This feature will notify you each time an alert is triggered via email.


We found Pentos to be a value-for-money TikTok analytics and monitoring tool. The thing that we loved about Pentos is that it offers a 14-days free trial for all its plans. So, users can first give it a try and then decide whether to go for the paid plans. 

There are four different plans suitable for different budgets and needs. Also, the pricing of the plans varies based on whether it’s billed monthly or yearly. The prices get a bit discounted when one opts for the yearly option.

For bloggers and small business owners, Pentos has got the “Starter” plan. The plan comes with a number of features but with limitations, which include 5 trackers, 5 viral alerts, a 1-day historical viral chart, and a 1-day historical trending chart.

To remove the limitations on the features, one can upgrade to the “Growth” plan. This plan comes with features, which include 20 trackers, 20 viral alerts, a 7-day historical viral chart, and a 7-day historical trending chart. 

In the next plan, which is the “Pro” plan, you get 50 trackers, 50 viral alerts, Unlimited historical viral chart, and unlimited historical trending chart.

Large businesses with complex TikTok analytics and monitoring needs can opt for the “Enterprise” plan. Apart from unlimited historical viral chart and historical trending chart, it offers 1000+ trackers and 1000+ viral alerts.

Final Words

After doing a lot of research and even using its services, we are happy to say that Pentos is an absolutely legit tool. To conclude, we would say that Pentos is the most powerful and effective TikTok tool out there in the market.

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