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2022 Tips For Choosing A Pair Of Perfect Glasses For Eyes

Perfect Glasses For Eyes: As soon as we try on a pair of glasses, the first thing that comes to mind is: “will they fit me well?”. This element has become more than just glasses, but an accessory that goes with us, that completes our identity. We must bear in mind the importance of choosing a frame that fits our face shape.

There are two principles that we must take into account to choose the eyeglasses that best suit us:

In the first place, the contrast of the glasses with the shape of our face and features. If it is an angular design, the roundness of the face will decrease, if, on the contrary, our glasses are round, the features will be more noticeable. Second, the proportion and balance, the mount has to be in scale with the face. The key when choosing the perfect glasses for us is to be clear about the shape of our face.

There are some rules to check if a goggle is right for us:

  • The lower part of your popular eyeglass frames should not be higher than the line of the eyebrows. 
  • The lower edge of the glasses or can touch the cheekbones.
  • The frame must be in proportion to our face, if we have a small face a large glasses is not the most appropriate.

If your face is…

  • Round:

The most appropriate eyeglasses are usually those of a butterfly style, you should avoid small eyeglasses that are not in proportion.

  • Rectangular:

Frames with pointed tops, designs that accentuate depth rather than width. An example of glasses that would be perfect is the “wayfarer” style. Avoid small mounts.

  • Triangular:

We must bet on shapes that open towards the cheeks, mounts that accentuate the upper half of the face. Strong colors (top). Butterfly-shaped eyeglasses are ideal for this type of face.

  • Square:

Oval frames, rods that occupy a central position. Avoid geometric or square shapes and colors that emphasize the interior area.

  • Oval:

We will bet on mounts with designs that are neither too wide nor too narrow, that are in proportion to the widest part of the face. The key is square, rectangular or geometric shapes. Oval face eyeglasses are the best choice.

Want to try photochromic glasses?

Photochromic glasses darken and lighten according to sunlight, that is, they adapt to ambient lighting. With them, we manage to avoid excess light without having to change glasses. By adapting to lighting, our eyes receive the right amount of light.

Is it recommended to use them? 

Of course!. These types of lenses have many benefits.

The first, practicality. In one goggle I have sunglasses included which, in addition, depending on the amount of sunlight it receives, will have a degree of color, which varies between 10% in its inactive position and 75% in its most active position.

Photochromic glasses block UV, offering you protection like sunglasses. And by adapting the color tone of the lens according to the intensity of sunlight, they are especially recommended for people with sensitive eyes.

Can I see in an interior of at night with them?

Of course!. If there is no sunlight, the photochromic does not activate, so in conditions of low or no sunlight, the lens remains clear, offering you the highest quality of vision.

Photochromic lenses have no restriction on their use, there is no specific age recommendation and they are beneficial to everyone. They can be photochromic prescription glasses and also photochromic progressive glasses. Or simply photochromic glasses without graduation.

In the case of prescription or progressive glasses, we can normally choose between brown or gray colours, however, in the case of non-prescription photochromic glasses, in addition to brown or grey, we can choose between pink, yellow, orange, purple, blue…

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