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Pergained com Reviews [July] Is It a Hoax or Legit Site?

Pergained com Reviews [July] Is It a Hoax or Legit Site? -> Here you will read about an online shopping store displaying products like women’s clothing, home accessories, and various other tools.

Online shopping stores today has evolved to be the most prominent source to buy things online. Many well-known E-commerce sites help you to buy promising products.

Do you wish to buy the latest women clothing and various other home accessories? If your answer is yes, then you must confirm the genuineness of the website before making any purchase. 

In Pergained com Reviews, you will come to know about the authenticity of a website delivering similar products. The Pergained com website has its servers located in the United States. We will also notify you whether this website is a legit one or a possible scam. 

What is the Pergained com website? 

This website is an e-commerce store delivering women clothing, various tools and accessories. Its products include desk lamps, duvet covers, hardware, led lights, typography wall art, wall mirror etc. 

All the products of the Pergained com website assure you a strong pursuit of high quality as all the products are in the latest and brilliant designs. Every product on this website is priced reasonably. But, this website is poorly designed, and many options given on it are not accessible.

The specifications of the Pergained com website:

  • Website: The Pergained com website delivers home appliances, tools and women clothing.  

  • This website is poorly designed.
  • The Email address of this website is pergained@outlook.com.
  • The Pergained website’s office address is 15 Mavartgur Pl 2501, Santa Ana, California, 92707.
  • The Contact number provided on the website is +16598009565.
  • The Pergained website shows copied images and text.
  • Delivery of the product may take 10-22 days. 
  • The website deals in a diversity of products.
  • Payment options on the website include VISA, PAYPAL, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS etc.
  • The website is not easily accessible. 
  • The website provides free shipping.
  • The website provides a 30-day return policy. 

Is Pergained com legit? 

Pergained com Reviews says after digging through the Pergained website details, we came to know that this website has a new domain name as it was created a month ago. Also, this website does not show any customer reviews on it. Consequently, this website confirms low traffic on it.

Further, this website shows sloppy work and many important details were found missing on it. Accordingly, this website appears like a scam one. 

The pros of the Pergained com website:

  • The Pergained website provides all the products in the latest designs. 
  • This website has a valid HTTPS (SSL) connection.
  • The return policy of the website is good. 
  • This website provides free shipping for all its products.
  • All the products on the website are priced reasonably. 
  • This website does not show any suspicious words in its domain name.
  • All the products displayed on the website are of great quality. 
  • Any blacklist engine did not detect the website.

The cons of the Pergained com website: 

  • The Pergained website seems to be a scam. 

  • This website shows a copy-paste work.
  • This website is not a popular source to shop from.
  • Many grammatical errors could be seen on this website.
  • This website does not have any social media presence.
  • This website displays a limited quantity of items under each category.
  • The pergained website is poorly designed.
  • This website does not provide any cash on delivery option. 
  • The payment option cited on the website is unreal and inaccessible.
  • The website shows a new domain name.
  • The website indicates a poor trust index.

What are people saying about the Pergained com website? 

After making an intense inquiry, we found that any customer did not review this website as this website was built one month ago. Therefore the website shows low traffic on it.

Besides, this website showed images and text copied from various other scam and dubious websites. Also, many options provided on the websites were not accessible. Accordingly, people found this website to be doubtful. 


In Pergained com Reviews, we came to know that the Pergained com website is suspicious as no customer reviews could be seen for it. Further, many details were found copied from other suspicious websites. Moreover, it was created recently and had many scam indications on it. 

Therefore, putting on a final verdict for this website, we won’t approve this website to be legit, and accordingly, we won’t suggest you buy anything from this website.

So to have a reliable shopping experience and save your hard-earned money, we advise you to be cautious and verify the authenticity of a website before sharing your personal details or making any payment.

0 thoughts on “Pergained com Reviews [July] Is It a Hoax or Legit Site?

  1. I purchased televisions on your site I have never received in on my online verification however payment has been received by your company, Your phone number no longer works Your website is glitchy many are saying it’s a scam I’m hoping not I checked The order part on the site It claims I haven’t ordered anything Please confirm and get back with me I ordered to LG 55″ oled tv’s I presume it’s over stock.

  2. They got me also scam looked good thought they was legit can’t reached them over the phone or email them they don’t reply back. I’m outta $65 cancel my bank card so they can’t get anymore money from me will do better research before I get fooled again.

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