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Phenixfan.space Reviews [July] Is This a Legit Website?

Phenixfan.space Reviews [July] Is This a Legit Website? -> Let’s review a website selling Kayak, Skim board and Surfboard for sports lover at unbelievable rates.

There is an increase in online purchasing for almost every item, either personal, fashion, or sports accessories. Shopping in a new ecommerce site needs caution. Let’s check out Phenixfan.spaceReviews

It is a too new ecommerce site, so the question comes in mind IsPhenixfan.space Legit? To answer this query for our readers, let’s check this new website and share the essential aspect of this website to our readers for their safe & sound online shopping experience. 

This website sells Kayak, Skimboard, and Surfboard for the sports lover in the United States. It only accepts Credit Card as payment mode; no other mode is accepted. To find out more about the website, please do read the article.

What is Phenixfan.space?

Phenixfan is a twelve-days-old online website selling Kayak, Skimboard, and Surfboard for the sports lover in the United States. It provides a verity of designs and color option for its product range. It promises to meet our boating experience exponentially

Their product sold under the category Pelican, Perception, Old Town, Sun Dolphin, Wilderness Systems, BKC, and All-Around SUP. The entire product range looks decent, and the prices are fantastic, in fact, very reasonable for the offered items. Promo codes are applicable, which makes the deal more attractive. 

However, the safety of your money is a concern if you purchase anything from this website? Is Phenixfan.space Legit? Or it is a scam like several other websites.

We can cross-check various things to know its authenticity.

Specification of Phenixfan:

  • Name: Phenixfan
  • Type of Company: Online Platform for selling Kayak, Skimboard, and Surfboard for the sports lover.
  • Web address: https://phenixfan.space/
  • Processing Time for Order: 1-3 days.
  • Country: United States.
  • Time for Shipping: Standard 7-12 days and Expedited 3-5 days.
  • Cancellation Facility: Not after shipping.
  • Return Policy: It offers a 30-days return policy.
  • Exchange Policy: Applicable.
  • Refunds Policy: Information not available. 
  • Email Address: livingstonfan.space@outlook.com.
  • Postal Address: 267 Batterson Dr. New Britain, CT 6053 US.
  • Modes of Payment: Credit Card (Accept Visa & Master).

Pro of Phenixfan

  • Offer top quality products.
  • Same can be exchanged and returned.
  • Price range is reasonable.
  • No sales tax.

Cons of Phenixfan

  • Can’t trust as the website is month old
  • No review from customers.
  • No visibility in social media.
  • Payment via Credit Card only; no cash on delivery
  • All the product are of same price tag

Is Phenixfan.space Legit?

On cross-checking the website age, it was observed that the domain was registered twelve-day back. A too new website means that almost no one has bought anything from it yet. Generally domain age less than five-six months is a little suspicious to buy from.

Though there is about page, there is no information shared regarding Phenixfan.space. Also, the other details like goal and vision and how long they are in this business are missing, etc. 

The company claims to sell the products at unbelievable prices, which is good to be believed as the right products should come with at least a decent price tag, if not much. 

Customers Feedback on Phenixfan

The company belongs to the United States. There is no information regarding the company, which is a sign of concern. Offered price for all the products is the same for the entire item, which is again a concern, as different materials are used in making the item which is making the deal fishy. While cross-checking, the address on map genuineness seems to be missing. No feedback page or Phenixfan.space reviews was found.

As the website is new, there are no feedbacks available on the site. On researching it further, it was found that the domain is just twelve-days-old. We could not find any reviews from customers. 

But, as there is no complaint regarding the website from any platform. And the same comes with the security of padlock, making the data safe from malware attacks and is encrypted.

Final Comments

As the ecommerce platform is twelve-days-old dealing with Kayak, Skimboard, and Surfboard for the sports lover in the United States. As per company products are excellent, which we believe could be a hoax, as almost all its products have the same price though built material used are different, which we cannot recommend. 

Moreover, though there is a social link available, there is not even a single review from any social media platform. Considering the above observation, it seems like the company is not authentic.

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