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The Most Useful Phrases for Customer Service Representatives

This article will discuss a few essential positive customer service phrases that will unquestionably positively impact your customer relationship. Let’s jump right into how you can build a firm connection through the simple art of using the right words. 

  • “Hope you’re having a lovely day.” Or any combination of similar words when you have your very first interaction with them. A friendly greeting and asking how they are can bring about a positive change in the customer’s mood and is a good way to start the conversation. 
  • “As much as I’d like to be able to help you with…” portrays to the customer that you’re genuinely helpless with what they’re requesting currently. Additionally, you can offer an alternative solution or something you can do to make the situation even a little easier. Remember, companies and businesses need to prioritize their customers’ well-being and satisfaction, which must be evident in all interactions with your customers. 
  • “I can imagine how frustrating this must be for you” or “I can understand why you must be feeling frustrated (or similar word).” Customers need to know you’re paying attention to their emotions, and acknowledging their negative feelings is important when building a long-term connection with your customers. Remember, most of your interactions with your customers as a customer service representative will be via telephonic conversation or virtual. Seldom will it be face to face. And so, the choice of words is extremely important. 
  • “It’s an honor to serve our customers” or “We are happy we could be of help to you” are phrases that make it evident to your customers that they are valued and that the representatives are always willingly available to help. It further demonstrates that every possible effort is made to resolve problems. It’s an excellent customer service phrase, in my opinion! 
  • “I’ve gone through your previous interactions with our customer service representatives.” This is another positive customer service phrase because it implies customer complaints are taken seriously, and that effort is made to look into the entire process of finding a solution. It portrays to the customer that their time is valued and 
  • “Thank you for highlighting this to us” or “thank you for drawing our attention to this.” In big businesses, there are often loopholes, and naturally, not every underlying problem can be brought to the spotlight early enough. When customers highlight errors or small problems than can potentially become bigger, it is crucial to thank customers. This is even more important as it invites further helpful feedback and is imperative to overall customer satisfaction. 

These were a few phrases that help reflect the perfect customer service that can be used in daily interactions and communications with customers, whether through email support or verbal communication. 

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