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Picrew Gacha Club (Mar 2022) Get Your Avatar Here!

Picrew Gacha Club (Mar 2022) Get Your Avatar Here! >> Find more details about the image-maker tool and the role-playing game here. Check here for the entire information.

Gacha Club is the role-playing video game and the prequel of Gacha Life. It is the causal game where players get the opportunity to customize and create different characters for the game from the comfort of their laptop or Smartphone. 

The Worldwide players enjoy the game’s battle mode and enjoy creating their favorite character for the game. The battle mode involves fighting with enemies using over 180 possible units. 

The game offers ultimate control in creating your favorite characters using the online editor and image creating tools like Picrew Gacha Club. You will learn more about the tool below.

What is Picrew?

Picrew is the image-creating tool or platform that gives you the option to create your imaginative or illusive characters for various games. You can create the characters on the platform and enjoy playing with them online.

The image maker tool allows you to include different items to the images and characters and include them into your favorite game like Gacha Club. Users have to register an image into the platform and create their favorite character for Picrew Gacha Club.

The image maker tool has Worldwide users, and every day hundreds of gamers visit the platform to create different characters for role-playing games. So if you play the Gacha Club role-playing game, Picrew is the ultimate platform for you to create and control your creation using this incredible editor tool.

The platform gives you the freedom to create your illusive characters for the game and customize their skin, hair, eye, and expressions. You can also add accessories and clothes to the character to give them a unique look.

About Picrew Gacha Club

As mentioned, Gacha Club is the role-playing game, and the interest in the gameplay increases when you include it with the character marker tool Picrew. It is the tool that allows you to create unique and illusive characters for the game. 

The tool gives you full control over the characters created for the game. You can customize them using different face shapes, skin tones, and facial expressions, eyes, and hair. In addition, you can add different details to the character and choose different clothing and accessories for the character.

The Picrew Gacha Club game comes with different game modes and over 600 poses to add. It even allows players to introduce a narrator that enables them to create different scenes in the Studio mode of the game.

How to Create Picrew Character in Gacha Club?

  • You have to visit the website Picrew.me 
  • Choose the character you want to create 
  • Add skin tone, eyes, accessories, and clothing
  • Choose the hair of the character
  • Click on the “Create” option to create the character. 

You can create Picrew Gacha Club characters easily and enjoy playing the created characters in the role-playing game. Please find more about the game here 


Gacha Club is the famous role-playing game where players get the chance to create and control their characters. It gives you a unique chance to create illusive characters and take them for the battle mode to fight with the enemies. 

Players are using the image-making tool to create characters for the game and playing with them virtually. You have to follow a few steps to complete creating characters for the game. 

Have you ever created Picrew Gacha Club characters? Please share your experience in the comments section.

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