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Picrew NFT Maker (March 2022) Find Out More Here!

The guide shares details about the new Picrew NFT Maker tool to help people know about the image creator.  

Cartoonists and gamers are well versed with the new image maker app Picrew.me. For those unfamiliar, Picrew is the online image maker that lets you create amazing avatars of the characters. 

The online tool lets you change the face of anything and create unique images of Avatars. NFT investors in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Brazil increasingly use the tool to create characters and faces for NFT projects. 

Others unaware of the Picrew NFT Maker continue reading for more details. 

What is Picrew.me NFT Maker?

Picrew.me is the image-maker website or tool launched by two Japanese company officials. The tool was launched in 2018, and gamers widely use it to create new avatars and images and use them for an enhanced gaming experience.

The tool doesn’t allow the users to create images for commercial purposes, and users can create images and NFT-inspired images as digital assets. Because of the increasing demand for NFT projects, many young holders and investors are now turning up to the image maker to create NFT based images, and Ugly Ass Images are the popular examples. 

What are the Uses of Picrew NFT Maker?

As mentioned, Picrew.me is the Japanese website used to make avatars and images for games. Many people use the tool for personal purposes, and it can’t be used for creating images for commercial purposes. 

Apart from making images for games, the tool is also used to create NFT images. The trending NFT images on the website are Cartoon Avatar by ehsirius, Trial Maker by Bird, Ugly Ass Images by ReFined LLC, and Picrew NFT Maker by Luckynevx. 

The owners of the images decide what they will be doing with the created images on the tool. The website is now focused on changing its policies to allow creating NFTs and collectibles and launching tokens soon. 

How to Use Picrew.me NFT Making Tool?

The NFT images created on the tool are not allowed to be sold commercially; instead, the NFT images can be used as digital assets for personal purposes. Use the following steps if you also want to use the Picrew NFT Maker tool to create NFT images. 

  • Go to the official website Picrew.me
  • Choose the English version or use the tool in the default Japanese language 
  • Find the NFT Image Generator on the tool
  • Change the images to suit the demands, and changing image option is available under the generator
  • Change the color and merchandise of the character based on your preferences
  • Get the new NFT image, make it display on the tool, and showcase the images via social media   


The new developments like Non-Fungible Tokens and Metaverse have opened new avenues for products like NFT maker. Because of the increasing popularity, the Picrew NFT Maker tool is trending amongst image creators.  

Investors can now share their unique ideas by creating NFT-inspired images on Picrew. Do you have any idea related to NFT image-maker? Kindly share it in the comments section.

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