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Piggy Roblox Book 2 Chapter 12 (Oct) Know The Game Zone!

Please read this write-up to find out about Piggy Roblox Book 2 Chapter 12, the recently launched episode of a popular survival horror game on Roblox.

Are you a passionate online gamer? Do you love playing games of various genres on Roblox? Have you played the popular game Piggy and want to know about the latest updates? Then, without further ado, please read this composition to find out more about this thrilling game. 

In this write-up, we have discussed Piggy Roblox Book 2 Chapter 12, the recently launched episode of this game. Online gamers worldwide, especially in the United States, are keen to learn about this chapter. Therefore, please read on to know all the details. 

What is Piggy?

Piggy is an online video game on Roblox, a global gaming platform where players play games developed by themselves or other users. The developer of Piggy is MiniToon, who launched this game in January 2020 after being inspired by Peppa Pig, a popular British kids cartoon, and Granny, a horror video game. The developers have created two books of this series with twelve chapters each. Piggy Roblox Book 2 Chapter 12 was recently released as a game update on 25 October 2021. 

The game focuses on the survival of the players against the dangerous Piggy. There are various modes in the game, and the gamer can decide the role of Piggy according to the modes. The gameplay allows the players to choose from twelve maps to play this survival horror game. 

Details of the Game Modes

There are six game modes in Piggy that we have mentioned below, along with their descriptions. 

  • Player – One player enacts Piggy, and the others play the role of survivors. Most gamers are playing this mode in Piggy Roblox Book 2 Chapter 12. This is the basic mode where the survivors have to move forward by escaping Piggy’s fatal encounter. 
  • Bot – The player that enacts Piggy is computer-controlled.
  • Player + Bot – It is the combination of Player and Bot modes.
  • Infection – A survivor becomes Piggy when caught. Then, the transformed player infects the other survivors.
  • Traitor – The role of this player is to kill the survivors, similar to what Piggy does.
  • Swarm – In this mode, a new Piggy develops every minute after 9:30 till there are nine bots. 

Piggy Roblox Book 2 Chapter 12

MiniToon launched Chapter 12 of the Piggy Book 2 on 25 October 2021. This version is filled with more challenges to escape the monstrous Piggy who tries to kill the players. The location of this chapter is the laboratory. The different controls that the players can perform to escape Piggy include picking up items and crouching. 

The items can be keys or weapons that gamers need to collect to continue in the game. Players worldwide have already engrossed in this chapter and have shared their comments about the different endings on the Web.


Each chapter has various endings, and those of Piggy Roblox Book 2 Chapter 12 includes the good, bad, and true closings. You should play the game to explore more about Piggy and these finales. However, we suggest you read How Gamers detect robux generator is fake to maintain safety.  

Which is your favorite chapter in Piggy? Please share below. 

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