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Pitore in Reviews [June] Is This Authentic Or A Scam?

Pitore in Reviews [June] Is This Authentic Or A Scam? >> Do not buy any items from this website without reading the full article based on this site and also know the legitimacy of the site.

As there is are newly emerged websites everywhere on the internet it is very hard for customers to know which is a legit site and which is not. And as a result of these new websites, people belonging to India are confused about the legitimacy of pitore.in? 

So we will lead you from here and let you know all the details about Pitore in Reviews

What is pitore.in?

According to Pitore.in it is an online e-commerce destination where customers can buy a wide range of electronic accessories, the latest gadgets, fashion accessories in their store. According to reports the date of formation of this website was 31 May 2021 that makes it 22 days old website. The website is not active on any social media pages and the trust score that this website managed to obtain is 49%. And the order can be canceled before delivery to get 100% money back which is claimed by the company. 

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Website’s specifications:

  • The URL to reach the website is: https://pitore.in/
  • The company holds a domain age of 22 days.
  • Order cancellation is available before delivery 
  • The product will be delivered within 5-7 business days.
  • There is no mention of processing time on the website 
  • No page on any social media websites.
  • This website provides free shipping on all orders that are above Rs.1999
  • A 30-day refund policy is available. 
  • The payment methods that can be used to pay are Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, PayPal, Discover.
  • The mail address is: support@pitore.in
  • Contact details to reach the company is: +91770098903

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Pros of using pitore.in : 

  • This website offers a variety of products to its customers related to electronic items and accessories.
  • customers do not need to pay delivery charges if the order is above Rs 1999.
  • This website seems like an online shopping store.
  • A 30-day refund is available and order cancellation is also available before the delivery.

Cons of using pitore.in : 

  • Only 22 days old domain age of this website.
  • The site managed to claim only a 49% trust score which is not ideal to shop 
  • This website is not present on any social media pages. 
  • There is no availability of reviews on any trusted website.

Is Pitore in Legit?

As there is a different newly formed website that claims to offer 100% quality products with low prices. Customers should always be sure that whether a website is trustable or not so here are some details mentioned below for this website:

  • The score that this website obtained in terms of the trust is only 49% 
  • Only 22 days old website that was created on 31 May 2021.
  • The website is not popular and has no social media page.
  • There was no availability of any Pitore in Reviews.
  • A 30-day replacement is provided by pitore.in
  • Order cancellation is available.
  • No shipping charges above orders of Rs 1999

So after going through these above-provided points we can surely say that this website is not ideal for shopping and spending a single penny. Other trusted websites can be used to make a safe purchase.

Any reviews by previous customers? 

As we go through research on the reviews based on pitore.in. We could not find any availability of Pitore in Reviews. by any customers that made any purchase previously as these reviews can be very important to spot a scam. So, you should not buy anything from this website for now, and use trusted websites to shop.

You can anytime get a scam through PayPal because this kind of scam.is increasing. Read this and get ways to protect yourself. 


Considering pitore.in you can read the above article to know all details about this website. As this website is only 22 days old and has a low trust score we cannot assume anything about this website for now and recommend you not to use this website considering Pitore in Reviews. 

How frequent do you shop online? Tell us in the comments section. 

If you made any purchases on this website through your credit card and you got scammed, read this

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