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Pixel Demon Pet Sim X {March} Know How To Unlock It!

This research on Pixel Demon Pet Sim X will help the gamers with the method to collect the strongest pet of Pet Simulator X.

The gamers are playing different simulators in Roblox, but Pet Simulator has a different position from all other simulators. Pet Simulator X is one of the most played simulators of Roblox Worldwide. And most amazingly, people want to know about Pixel Demon Pet Sim X. Please do not get confused between Pet Simulator and Pixel Demon. 

Herein, we will describe everything about this simulator. You will also learn how to get this Pixel Demon. 

Why is Pixel Demon the most searched?

Pixel Demon is one of the pristine Mythical pets in Pet Simulator X. It is the brand new rarity pet of this simulator. People are searching for it as it is launched, and they are unaware of how to get this pet as soon as possible. So, here you get detailed information on the methods to acquire this new pet in the simulator family.

How to get Pixel Demon Pet Sim X?

You are lucky if you are able to unlock this pet with minor efforts. However, if you haven’t unlocked this pet yet, here are some tips to unlock this egg. 

  • You can get Pixel Demon by hatching Rainbow Pixel Egg. 
  • This Rainbow Pixel Egg is situated at the Pixel World.
  • If you want to buy the egg, you need to unlock the Pixel Alps, whose regular version costs around 9.25 million rainbow coins. At the same time, its golden version costs around 79.1 million coins.
  • Once you collect all the rainbow coins in the simulator, you will be able to unlock this egg. And you will get Pixel Demon Pet Sim X.

Characteristics of Pixel Demon

Pixel demon has various features to be considered before you buy coins. Some of them are listed below:

  • When possible boosts are active, the base hatch rate is 6.66% and 0.01%.
  • It can go up to stats around 198.7 trillion when it is progressed to Dark Matter. Due to this, it is the most robust character of the simulator family.
  • In the Dark Matter, the Pixel Demon is valued at 2,500,000,000 diamonds. 
  • It took the crown of strongest pet from Hellish Axolotl, making it the second strongest pet after Pixel Demon Pet Sim X.

Other pets of Pet Simulator X

Many other pets are listed in the Pet Simulator X. These are mentioned below:

  • Huge Pony
  • Huge Cat
  • Huge Cupcake
  • Huge Storm Agony
  • Huge Pixel Cat
  • Huge Pixel Cat


Summing up this post, we conclude that the Pixel Demon is the strongest pet of Pet Simulator X. You will learn how to acquire this pet and how much it is valuable. Moreover, we shared some information on other pets available in this simulator. Please go through the link to know more details on Pixel Demon.    

Did this post on Pixel Demon Pet Sim X help you in knowing the ways to collect the eggs? Please share your ideologies in the comment section.

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