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Planetfocal com Reviews [July] – Safe Deal Or Scam!

Planetfocal com Reviews [July] – Safe Deal Or Scam! -> In this article, you get the information about a site dealing with home and life essential items.

Are you looking to buy some essential items which can make your life easier? Checkout Planetfocal com today.

There are immeasurable websites available for e-commerce shopping these days. Believing any of them is not easy, as many of us don’t want to flush the money into drains. 

Most people get a doubt about the legality of a website before buying from it. So, as many of you may have questions about this site, we are going to share information on Planetfocal com Reviews for our readers. 

This website has various products, and the items are not categorized. However, they have some tabs like furniture, sports and outdoors, pets, all products, etc. This website is in particular notice from the people of the United States.

So, without wasting our time, let us give you all the details and information about the site’s services, the product information, how the site is working, and suggestions if it is safe for you to shop from this site.

We advise you to read the article until the end, as we will share the customer reviews who have already taken the services from it and the final verdict.

What is Planetfocal com? 

It is an online e-commerce shopping portal deals in various needed products like Nintendo switch games, camps, portable outdoor chair, freezer, wireless speakers, selfie ring light tripod, and beer pong pool float, etc.

They also have some items such as a coffee table, individual discount items for kids as inflammable pools, playhouses, exercise machines, pet machines, etc. the complete family package items come on this website in one place.

Why is Planetfocal com Unique?

This website is unique, especially in pet items, as they have a pet cube machine with wifi and Alexa inbuilt service, through which if you are outside the house, your pet will not feel alone. 

Also, they have various products for your kids like the playhouses, inflammable pools, and radio flyer tailgater. Again it is also one of the unique products as it comes up with the canopy.

Not just products, the services of the provider are also unique as they have free shipping and a sale with the name of “hot deals,” in which you can find some fantastic discount offers on various individual products. 

For more details on the services, keep on reading Planetfocal com Reviews as we will share some facts and figures about the site.

Specifications of Planetfocal com:

  • Website type- home and life-essential products online
  • Website link-   https://awqjuice.com/
  • Shipping time- no information available
  • Cancellation of order- Before shipping the product
  • Return Policy- within 14 days from the date of receipt of order.
  • Delivery charges- Free shipping 
  • Company address- Not available
  • Contact Number- 618-348-6850
  • Email address- alvinmurphy82@gmail.com
  • Mode of payments- online

Pros of Buying from Planetfocal com:

  • You get an option of free shipping on all the products.
  • This website offers you a complete family package as they have products for each family member.
  • The products are unique and affordable.
  • All the details and policies are accessible on the site.
  • A contact number and email address is available.

Cons of Buying From Planetfocal com:

  • The domain name is different from the site name.
  •  When you click on the shipping policy, it redirects you to the home page.
  • No company address is obtainable.
  • Delivery details are missing on the site.
  • Some tabs like dont show items even when the furniture items are available on it.

Customer Reviews about Planetfocal com:

In Planetfocal com Reviews, we discussed all the details for the site. The site does not have customer reviews post-purchase, but on the other platform, customers have said that they didn’t receive any information after placing an order. Some other sites review it as a reduced index rate and of short time stamps.

Also, the site’s name is Planetfocal com. The host site is itsfloor.com, and the domain appears on the website is awqjuice com, and the domain name does not match the site’s category.

Final Verdict:

In our Planetfocal com Reviews, we shared all the details and cons this website has. We also provided you with the facts and figures about it. We hope that you like our efforts to provide the best information searched online.

We recommend you to not shop from this site due to the less index rate, unsatisfied past customers, multiple domain names.

0 thoughts on “Planetfocal com Reviews [July] – Safe Deal Or Scam!

  1. Thank you I was relieved to see that this is possibly a hoax they must be linked to a cookie that see’s what you have searched therefore inticing you yo purchase items you have searched. I purchased a Coleman Saluspa from walmart for 349.00 on Amazon.com same exact hot tub 672. While playing wordfind I got a pop up this exact spa is on clearance throuh them for only $9.99 there is no way the pump itself is over 100.

  2. Has anyone gotten there product from them? I too ordered money was taken then no contact.

    1. Check your credit card for unknown charges. I made the mistake of ordering and another site pinged my account in pending charges immediately following them named matrixpremiumparts that is likely them scamming. PlanetFocus was posed as shoporiane.com.

  3. I ordered a Coleman hot tub that was clearance for 9.90 and would like to know when it will arrive

    1. Just order the hot tub yesterday . The money was deducted from my bank account. Has a different name.no I didn’t receive a text right away. No message when the item would be shipped. I will call my bank and can test the order that this is a scam. And get my money back.I will also post it on Facebook so other people will know about this guy and how he’s scamming people

  4. Well I was frustrated but now I’m not! I entered 2 Benito cards and the site kept rejecting them! So I went to the “contact us” and the number they list is a nonworking number! When prices are too good to be true….. Well you know the rest!!


  6. Check your credit card for unknown charges if you mae a purchase. I made the mistake of ordering and another site pinged my account in pending charges immediately following them, named matrixpremiumparts that is likely them scamming. PlanetFocus was posed as shoporiane.com.

  7. lol i ordered the same hotub and would like to know the same….lol i wonder if it ever comes? hmmmm???

  8. I ordered from them like a fool. They took the money but I haven’t received anything. Shortly after my CC was used to make a purchase from another site. When I contacted that vendor that had no record of me placing an order. I am
    now disputing those charged with my bank. Just a scan and will turn into a hassle in the end. If it’s too good to be true…it is. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME or MONEY.

  9. I ordered the hot tub. Card pinged by 2 other companies. I cancelled card. Lost my money and still no product. They must have made a fortune judging by the reviews of people that ordered and got nothing.

  10. I ordered the same hot tub and have not received it. It has been over 30 days. I have e-mailed alvin murphy and his reply is always the same “the order will ship in 1 to 2 days. They are busy but I will receive my order with-in 30 days.” I wish I had seen this review before I ordered anything from them. I don’t care if it is only $10.00 I am going to report them to the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION AND THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. i WISH EVERYONE THAT HAS BEEN SCAMMED WOULD ALSO REPORT THEM.

  11. You had a promotion for a heavy duty 4423 sewing machine many months now, since last year. I ordered the machine, you collected my money and am still waiting for machine to arrive. It makes me feel like your website is a scam.
    To boggle you brains, remember this:

    Free Shipping – $9.99

    Heavy duty 4423 sewing machine with 23 built-in stitches – 12 decorative stitches, perfect for sewing all types of fabrics with ease

    It’s been a long long time, I am still waiting for my order. If your website is an honest and leggit one and you want to live up to your name, please, either send me the machine or refund me my money.

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