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Playkidsc.com Review [June] Is This an Online Scam Site?

Playkidsc.com Review [June] Is This an Online Scam Site? -> In the given article, you get the review about kid’s playsets and other related products.

Do you want to give your kids the best joyful playset to enjoy? Check out Playkidsc.com today.

Nowadays. Kids are so addicted to technology. They use to play games online, and the rest of the time, they watch tv. But, they need to play outside because it helps them grow, to make them healthy, and also enhances their immunity. So we decided to give you a solution with our Playkidsc.com Review today.

Many businesses promote mobile games or playstations. But the parent must judge what is better for their child.

People from Canada, United State, etc. are curious to know about this website’s review. So, we are going to tell you all the relevant information about Playkidsc.

As we checked on the internet, we got to know that people have concerns about the website’s authenticity also. 

Hence, we will discuss each point, including doubts and cons about it. If you are interested in buying playset or sliders, then keep on reading this article to get the best available details.

What is Playkidsc.com?

This website deals in the kid’s playset and swing sets, which can easily be kept in the yard or garden area. They have pool sets, sliders, and multi swing attached to it. They also have a variety of trampoline for your little monsters.

The seller believes in providing the best product at affordable prices. Some playsets are made of wood, which makes it long-lasting. Apart from these, some portable air beds and air furniture are also accessible.

Why is Playkidsc.com Unique?

The products are made of good quality, as mentioned on the website. A wide variety of different items can be accessible on the site. They have some exciting gift options for kids, as those small games can be annoying for them sometimes. 

They curate fandom-related items and accessories every month, which is unique. Moreover, they mentioned that free shipping worldwide is available with the help of a partnership with USPS.

Specifications of Playkidsc.com:

  • Website type- Kids playstations & related products
  • Check out website link-  https://www.playkidsc.com/
  • Delivery time- 7-12 business days to arrive.
  • Shipping charge- Free
  • Return- Return till 45 days of receipt, and free shipping is available for return too.
  • Refund- Available
  • Contact number: not mentioned
  • Company address- not provided
  • Email: service018manyhnice.com
  • Mode of payment- Online and cards

Pros of Buying from Playkidsc.com:

  • Most of the items are available on discount, and 10% off is also available for first-time buyers.
  • Camps are made of woods and a mix of other materials, which makes it eye-catchy.
  • Air beds and furniture are made of premier quality.
  • Worldwide free shipping option is available.
  • The return policy is considerable.

Cons of Buying from Playkidsc.com:

  • No company address and contact number is provided.
  • Final sale items are not available for return, refund, and exchange.
  • No option to pay in cash is available.
  • No owner information is revealed on the site.
  • Prices are unbelievable because the offers are unjustified.

Customer Reviews about Playkidsc.com:

If we talk about the reviews on the site, almost all items have a 5 out of 5 rating, which creates doubt because it’s “too good to be true quality.” Even when some customers gave less than five ratings, still the overall rating remains 5.

However, customers mentioned, the instruction guide is easy to follow, kids love it, and it takes approx two days to assemble it. Products are delivered with the protection for no damage. Trampolines are well constructed, and the quality of playsets is also visible.

Final Verdict:

As we told you, contact number, company’s address, and owner information is not given. Disclosing these details is essential for the buyers. Apart from this, the discounts are too high, which might create a doubt in the buyer’s mind.

Apart from this, all the policies, FAQ, item pictures, customer reviews, product details are mentioned on the site. Also, while we searched on other platforms, people created doubt if it is genuine.

Many said we could not speak about it as it is a new site. Others said the images for the products are copied. The site rating is deficient, according to some reviewers. 

Hence, we recommend you not to buy items from this site. If you are already convinced to buy the subject, then contact them first through the email and then make a buying decision.

0 thoughts on “Playkidsc.com Review [June] Is This an Online Scam Site?

  1. I believe I have been scammed . I ordered a pool and trampoline . They say the trampoline is pending and pool has been shipped . But it says if the mailing address is wrong it is not their fault and they wont reship . So of course my billing address is correct . But shipping address is wrong 114.00

  2. I just ordered a pool it charged my card double and says it’s being shipped aboard ?? But it’s still not here

  3. I ordered a pool on June 10 and it never delivered at my address. Is there any way to get money back?

  4. I order a pool and trampoline and I have not received anything and this is way i don’t order online just because this

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