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Playstation Error SU-42481-9 {Oct} Check Out News Now!

Playstation Error SU-42481-9 {Oct} Check Out News Now! -> Lastly, if your problem persists, visit your nearest service centre for repair.

Did you try it all, but nothing works? You certainly have to face this irritating error if you are a Playstation lover in United States, Canada. For you, this article is going to be super helpful. We have simplified and broken down the entire process into a very understandable and step – by – step guidance process.

Now the main question is:

What causes this error?

So basically, in layman terms, it’s an update Playstation Error SU-42481-9. So the update file is not recognized by your PS4 system, so you see this error. Now let’s understand how to troubleshoot this error:

Below are a few techniques which you can use to fix this error:

Power Cycle it first!

Switch off your system for about 30 seconds after which you can restart the system

Technique number 1 – Firstly you need to update

Try updating the PS4 system software first and if the problem persists, try using the safe mode of the Update System Software. 

Technique number 2 – Rebuild Database 

You have tried “Technique Number 1”, and you still face the same Playstation Error SU-42481-9 issue, rebuild your database in a safe mode as it may be a firmware problem. So firmware is a collection of computer information, rather than software, stored in a computer memory device.

It is pretty simple, so do not worry. So basically, all you have to do is rebuild the database as it could be fraudulent, which is why you are facing Playstation Error SU-42481-9. It would help if you reconstructed database in this case to check the security of the firmware.


  1. Firstly you need to reboot the PlayStation
  2. You can then wired connect PS4 controller.
  3. Press & hold the switch button for seven seconds. You can then release the switch button after the second beep.
  4. Press the PS4 button, and the safe mode will appear. 
  5. This way, you can rebuild the database.

Technique Number 3 – The Manual Update

You might be facing Playstation Error SU-42481-9 since the console is outdated or has any firmware issues. Try updating it manually. Below mentioned are the steps:

Step 1: You need to format USB with your PC

  1. Fix the USB drive into the port
  2. On the right. Click the USB flash drive in the File Explorer & click format.
  3. You need to format USB to FAT-32 or exFAT & click start. 

Step 2: The PS4 firmware needs to be downloaded

You have two options, either download it from the playstore to avoid losing any data or files, or you can download new hardware that will wipe off all your data.

Step 3: Create a folder inside the USB flash drive

  1. You need to make a new folder
  2. Open & then create a new folder named UPDATE 
  3. Copy the file and paste it inside the update folder. Here, you can call PS4UPDATE.PUP 
  4. A power cycle must be done to your PS4 & unplug it for 3 minutes.
  5. Turn it & flash your PS4 by accessing PS4 safe mode.

Technique Number 4: Log in to PS4

If you still face the Playstation Error SU-42481-9 issue, then restore your console to factory settings in default. The instructions in “Technique Number 2″ mentioned above to access safe mode, select number six. Initialize PS4,” and if it doesn’t work, the chosen number Initialize PS4.

Warning: some files or all files might get deleted in this process. Please back up your saved files and other data. 

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