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Playtestcloud Legit [May] – Read This Review Before You Buy

Playtestcloud Legit [May] – Read This Review Before You Buy -> This post covers a website that helps both gamers and game makers to gain profit.

Are you a passionate gamer who loves good games? Or, are you a passionate game developer who wants to design the best games?

It doesn’t matter who you are. Playtestcloud is a website designed for both groups. 

On this platform, game developers can test games with the help of thousands of players.

However, you may have many questions in mind. Is Playtestcloud Legit? Is it only available for the players of the United State?

We have tried to answer your questions in this post. There are many Playsetskids com Reviews on the internet. But they either focus on the gamer or the game maker. So in this article, we focus on both groups to remove confusion.

Is Playtestcloud Legit?

Playtestcloud has successfully helped many developers test their games throughout the years. 

Playtestcloud has helped in testing many of the top games in the market. It also pays players from different regions for testing the games.

It has helped in the process of making the gaming world better. There are no scam reports or complaints on Playtestcloud. Therefore, Playtestcloud is definitely legit.

What is Playtestcloud?

Playtestcloud is a platform designed to test games. It has a range of players who get paid to test games. 

It provides a chance for game makers to test their games before they release it in the market. This would enable them to notice any small bugs that they should fix.

It also enables players to earn some money by playing games. 

Why is Playtestcloud Unique?

Playtestcloud gives a chance for both gamers and game makers to gain profit. Players gain benefit by earning a little cash, and game makers gain advantage through the valuable feedback they get.

This feedback allows the developer to analyze the player’s experience and make the necessary changes. This helps the company to release an entirely developed game in the market.  

Playtestcloud also allows the developer to record audio and video of players while they play the game. After completing the test, players have to answer a short quiz. This would help the developers in the further development of the game.

Playtestcloud offers two types of monthly membership for the developers. Developers can choose the one suitable for them according to their budget.

Specifications of Playtestcloud:

  • Website: https://www.playtestcloud.com/
  • Website type: Tests video game 
  • Payment per test: $5-$9 (for players)
  • Payment mode: PayPal
  • Pricing: $99 per month (for game makers)
  • Tests per month: 1-2
  • Player’s location: US, UK, Canada
  • Types of Testing: Multiplayer testing, prototype testing, surveys, and quiz for players
  • Sign up fees: Free
  • Email: hello@playtestcloud.com

Pros of Using Playtestcloud:

  • You get recorded videos of players playing your game
  • You can test games of any level
  • You can quiz gamers about their experience with the game.
  • Gamers can make an extra income
  • Gamers can earn money by doing what they love
  • Each game test lasts only for 15-30 minutes. 

Cons of Using Playtestcloud:

  • The number of tests every month for gamers are few
  • Players from only US, UK, and Canada can sign up to play
  • High competition with other players
  • Gamers cannot test every type of game

Customer Reviews on Playtestcloud:

Playtestclould makes both the gamers and game makers really happy. On the one hand, gamers can earn money for playing 15-30 minutes, while on the other hand, game makers can take the help of players to improve the game software.

However, gamers cannot make enough money from it full-time. The website checks the gamer’s review for 100% accuracy and quality. Only then the gamers get paid. 

Also, due to the high number of gamers on the platform, gamers have to compete continuously to land a test. Therefore, gamers should decide whether this website is suitable for them before using it.

Final Verdict:

The world of gaming has become a billion-dollar industry. Previously, only the game developers used to earn a profit. But now, as the industry has expanded, even gamers can make money through gaming.

Testing games is one of the popular ways to do that. This revolution has led companies to compete with each other rigorously to make better games.

All in all, it has become a win-win situation for both gamers and game developers. 

Playtestcloud is one of the most popular platforms for game testing. We recommend both gamers and game developers to try it.

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