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Pleasetouch Com Game (Feb 2022) Check An Update Here!

Are you on a mission to find the necessary details about the Pleasetouch com Game? Then let us end your quest in this post.

Do you want to refer to hints on a website where you can touch a virtual finger and play a game? If it sounds interesting to you, please read this writing. 

With the increasing use of the Internet and smartphones Worldwide, online gaming is also increasing amongst gamers. In addition, some game developers aim at keeping the players hooked up with their games for long hours. 

So, this article will produce exciting facts on a website whose accession link is pleasetouchme.com. But people are searching for it as ‘Pleasetouch com Game.’ 

Who is Rafael Rozendaal?

According to the sources gathered, we have found that the site was created by Rafael Rozendaal, a virtual artist residing in New York City. In addition, over the Internet, he is well-known for his art. 

Moreover, Rozendaal discovered an OSS exhibition idea named Bring Your Own Beamer. Later on, BYOB has attained massive admiration in the Internet world. 

However, his thought was that anybody could create a digital art platform for free. Also, he was the first creator to market portals as art objects. 

Clues On Pleasetouch com Game

You will see a blue-colored hand on the display screen if you visit the site. Moreover, if you touch the apex of any fingers amongst the five, it will move a bit from its position. Thus, we don’t know more about the site, so let us progress to reveal some of its vital information. 

Important Evidence

After analyzing the online site, we have found that its registration date is 01-11-2005, while it will suspend on 01-11-2022.

Moreover, its trust rank value is 55.6/100; but the comments on the sites over Trustpilot are lacking. Also, the Pleasetouch com Game has a 2458962 Alexa rank with an 84% trust score value. 

The Final Talk 

This write-up has facilitated us to determine one of the creations and history of Rafael Rozendaal. In addition, we have noticed that globally he is known for his digital art skills. Moreover, he also gained popularity by selling his websites as art. 

After searching about the game, it is seen that on Pleasetouchme.com, you can virtually visit a hand that moves upon touching. 

Do you know how the website works? If yes, clarify your thoughts about the Pleasetouch com Game below. 

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