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Pleurisy From Wearing A Mask (Sep 2020) Let Us Know More

Pleurisy From Wearing A Mask (Sep 2020) Let Us Know More >> This article helps in examining the claims that wearing face masks can lead to pleurisy. Please go through the details now.

We cannot stress enough about the importance of face masks. They are now a part of our everyday lives. They’re our first measure of safety against the spreading virus. Not wearing a face masks puts others around you at risk along with yourself. For this reason, wearing face masks in public places has become compulsory. 

The Government has released laws and guidelines regarding this, and disobeying them can lead to a fine and other charges. Recently, some users started to claim about the issues of Pleurisy From Wearing a Mask. They contended that wearing face masks for prolonged periods can lead to this harmful disease.

These claims were reported in some countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and South Africa. In this article, we’ll examine these claims and find out how much truth they hold. If you want to know more about these claims, please keep reading.

How did these claims become popular?

These claims gained popularity after they went viral on some social media platforms. The first claim was reported on Facebook by a user, and the post quickly became viral as several other users shared it. 

The post claimed that a 19-year-old girl had developed pleurisy because of wearing a face mask for over 8 hours a day at her job. User claimed that she breathed her bacteria and carbon dioxide, which led to an infection. 

Pleurisy is a disease where the tissues in the line of lungs get swollen. Users shared this post and Pleurisy From Wearing a Mask became a viral and trending topic. Some other users also complained of having the same issue, and hence these claims started to have some authenticity.

Can wearing Face Masks lead to Pleurisy?

We looked at various factors to determine whether the claims of Pleurisy From Wearing a Mask were genuine. We found them false because of the following reasons:

  • There’s no medical data to back the fact that face masks can cause pleurisy.
  • Experts and some top doctors have confirmed that these issues aren’t genuine.
  • Doctors also commented that it isn’t possible to get pleurisy from wearing face masks.
  • Experts recommend that we wear face masks correctly to avoid any issue, and assured that no harm would come from wearing face masks for long periods.
  • Doctors suggested cleaning cloth masks regularly and not using surgical masks more than once.

Hence, we can confirm that these claims are false.

Final Verdict

When these claims became viral, several users raised concerns whether they were real. Afterall, face masks are compulsory to wear in public places, and those who work in areas where there’s a lot of human interaction have to wear their masks for several hours. 

The claims of Pleurisy From Wearing a Mask were a matter of concern for them. We can confirm that these claims are unauthentic. Thus, wearing face masks for long periods will not cause pleurisy.\

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