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Plex Scam {Sep 2022} Mass Warning About Data Breach!

This article will provide information regarding Plex Scam and details on using it safely.

Have you heard about the Plex scam? How far does it create a violation for the Plex site’s users? What steps did Plex take to stop this violation? People of Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States are looking for more information about this media site. The dubious activity generates fear among the users. In this article, we will give data about Plex Scam and what Plex advises to the users for their database security. 

What happened in the Plex Scam?

The well-known American free video streaming service Plex alerts all of its users that there has been a violation where the accounts trade personal information. Plex claims to have discovered suspicious activity on one of the databases.After investigation, they found there was the involvement of a third party. They discovered that the third party has access to a tiny portion of the database’s contents, including usernames, encrypted passwords, and email addresses. Plex advises all users to update their account passwords in the wake of this occurrence.

What Is Plex?

Plex is a prime media server, a digital media player and managerial tool that permits access to videos, music, and pictures stored on computers and mobile devices. You can install Plex media server software on Linux computers, Mac, and Windows. You can play back on the connected device, which is capable of running the App. It is a user-friendly App. You can use it on any device for listening to music, watching movies and videos. Well, the best part of Plex is that it is free. Plex allows friends and families to access your music, movies and pictures. This media server works on every operating system. 

Plex Account

Plex is now telling users everywhere to set up accounts by resetting their passwords. It offers some instructions on how to change the password. It directs you to the password reset page; enter your email address and submit the form after. Acceptance of an existing Plex account will be associated with that email address. After that, a password reset email will be sent. Next, copy the private window browser’s URL from the password reset email and paste it there. Then modify your password, which needs to be unique.

This scam has violated the mind of people. So they are looking for more information about the Plex Scam and details concerning this scam and potential future problems.


Summing up the post, this incident affected the users of Plex worldwide. The cops are doubtful that the incident might happen on Aug 23, as they got an email on Aug 24. People are relaxed that this incident obtained no credit card details. The company is trying to fix the problem for the security of users to avoid further violations. It also encourages the users to log out and sign in again with a new password. If you want some more details, then click the given link below

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