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Plode Wordle {July 2022} Know The Correct Answer Here!

Is Plode Wordle true? Do you want to learn why this is trending on the Internet? Then, read this post and find out! 

Are you a daily Wordle player? Do you also wake up in the morning and put your mind in a brain-storming session trying to guess the correct answer for this game? 

People from Australia and every other corner of the world are mesmerized by this game. They solve the Wordle puzzle first thing in the morning and then share their scorecard and streak on social media. Talking about today’s Wordle answer, some players seemed confused, which is why they searched Plode Wordle.

Wordle #401:

You are given 6 tries to guess the right five-letter word in the wordle. But these 6 tries seem too few that players have to at times turn for help on the Internet. We sometimes find all the alphabet in the final word, but we fail to rearrange them into a meaningful english words. 

On 25 July 2022, in Australia and other countries, Wordle’s answer was cracked by many, and others were very close to the answer as they guessed most of its alphabet. However, they thought that Plode was the answer to #401 Wordle when the answer was “Elope.” 

Is Plode a Word?

People have even searched if Plode was a correct English word, and here is the answer, if you are asking the same question- no! Plode is not a meaningful English word. Plod, or Palode, is an English word, but Plode seems to be an incorrect answer. 

Wordle #401 hints and clues:

Now that you have learnt that Plode is not the solution for today’s Wordle, what is the correct answer? Here are some clues and hints to help you:

  • The 5-letter word contains 3 vowels. 
  • There is a repeated letter in the final answer.
  • Most of the letters are from the word Plode Wordle
  • The word begins and ends with the same letter. 
  • The word describes the action of running away secretly to get married. 

If you still couldn’t guess the answer, here it is: the answer for Wordle #401 on 25 July 2022 is ELOPE and not Plode. 

About Wordle?

Wordle is a worldwide popular word game that you can play for free on the official website of the New York Times. The game was developed and released by Josh Wardle in October 2021 and later sold to NY Times in 2022. 

How to play Wordle?

Instead of searching for Plode Definition or confirming if some other 5-letter word is meaningful or not, here’s the best way you can play Wordle and guess the right word:

  • Start by entering a word with the most vowels. This step will give you all the vowels present in the target word. 
  • You can now keep a strategy and start with words with different consonants. This step will let you guess the other letters in the target word.
  • Before entering a word in the game, you can rearrange the letters and vowels guessed in previous steps to get meaningful words.

Final Words:

We hope now you have found information on Plode Wordle and why it was trending. Unfortunately, it is not the correct answer to today’s Wordle; however, you can find the same in this article. To play Wordle, please click on this link

Have you read this write-up yet? Please, comment below for any further queries on today’s Wordle or Plode! 

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