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Poe Trade Macro 3.13 (Feb 2021) Know Script!

Poe Trade Macro 3.13 (Feb 2021) Know Script! >> The post shares details of the new AHK script for the latest expansion of PoE.  

Path of Exile or PoE is a game that needs no introduction. The game developer is gearing up to release their next expansion, PoE 3.13, scheduled for release last of 2020. 

However, the developer re-scheduled the release date, and the official teaser of the game is already out. After the announcement, PoE fans in the United States started searching for Poe Trade Macro 3.13 Auto HotKeys.   

PoE Trade Marco is the powerful trading tool used by players to access different QoL features to trade in the Path of Exile game. Since the latest expansion is already announced officially, people are now trying to get Poe Trade Macro Autohotkey for expansion 3.13.

What is Poe Trade Macro?

Poe Trade Macro is a powerful trading tool for the Path of Exile game. The Autohotkey or AHK script offers different easy QoL features for smooth trading in Path of Exile, including the auto price check Marco.   

With the Poe Trade Macro tool’s help, players can instantly evaluate if the initial results are precise or wrong. It even allows manual checking before trading on Path of Exile. As the developers officially announced the game’s latest expansion, fans in the United States started searching for Poe Trade Macro 3.13 version.  

With the latest expansion, the Poe Trade Macro needs updates to allow players to have the latest Itemcode Info, and players don’t have to run or configure the script manually again.

How to Get the Poe Trade Macro for Expansion 3.13?

There are a few instructions that players have to follow to get the Poe Trade Macro for the 3.13 expansion. However, the expansion is about to release worldwide, and the players with the older version of the Poe Trade Marco need to upgrade it to use the features smoothly with expansion 3.13. 

  • Installation of AHK is necessary. If you have the older version or the AHK script crashed, you must install the latest version to support Poe Trade Macro 3.13 Expansion. 
  • Download and extract the zip file.
  • Run the PoE on the system with windowed or borderless mode.
  • Ensure that the default league is set to tmpstandard; if not, change it with right-click on tray icon followed by RoE item info settings and use apt shortcuts.
  • You may check online for more details about all settings.
  • Ensure to play Path of Exile in the English version as it won’t work in a different language. 

The setting menu of the game comprises an extra tab for more Marcos. Players have to disable or enable functions and choose the key binds from settings. The Trade Marcos will upgrade with the latest expansion 3.13, and you need to have the latest PoE ItemInfo code instead of running the entire script again.


Path of Exile is enjoyed by many players worldwide, and it has larger fan followers. As the official announcement started circulating online about the latest expansion, players started searching for Poe Trade Macro 3.13.

Please remember it is the AHK script that needs to be upgraded along with the expansion. So, upgrade it following the steps mentioned above to enjoy the features.

If you have anything to add AHK script, please write it down in the comment section.  

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