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Pokemon Anniversary Event Research {July 2022} Game Zone

The above mentioned are the latest details about the newly launching Pokemon Anniversary Event Research.

Are you excited to hear about the release of the Anniversary event of Pokemon Go in 2022? The center of Pokémon go’s anniversary event in 2022 is the timed research. Throughout six steps, it has been unfolded in two numerous stars, which allow the players to grab exciting rewards Worldwide.

Read the entire article below to know details about the Pokemon Anniversary Event Research.

The anniversary event of Pokemon research 

The anniversary event of Pokémon Go 2022 is a great way to grab the maximum out of Pokémon and make a debut with the help of this timed research. The players may obtain the party hat charm Bender and the cake costume Pikachu as gifts for completing the initial two steps of the time research. 

There is a six-step process to achieve exciting gifts as gaming rewards. The first step will be rewarded with one puffin and a Pikachu cake costume encounter.

Pokemon Go Anniversary Event Research rounds

Players can complete this step by catching 15 pokemon, making three throws, making five throws of the ultra-ball, catching a different variety of Pokémon, 5 curveball throws and using 10 berries to help and catch the Pokémon. After completing this step, you will be rewarded, as mentioned.

For the second step, you need to play with your buddy, take a snapshot of your body, give your buddy a treat, battle another trainer while the Pokémon buddy is adventuring with you, and earn a candy exploring with your buddy and earn five with a buddy. Now is the Pokemon Go Anniversary Event Research rewarding stage! After completing this second step, you will be rewarded with a 20,500 Stardust and Charmander encounter party hat.

For the third step, you need to take a snapshot of the Charmander, take five snapshots of your wild Pokémon, click a snapshot of your body, click a snapshot of normal type Pokémon, and click five different snapshots of various wildfire water or grass Type different varieties of Pokémon. After completing this step, you will receive 1 Unova stone and a Pansear encounter.

Your next move in the Pokemon Anniversary Event Research

The four steps include hatching an egg, spinning five gyms or Pokémon stops, walking for two-kilometer, exploring and earning a candy with a buddy, completing five research tasks off the field, and battling in the gym three times. After completing this step, you will gain a premium battle pass and a gible encounter.

The fifth step includes sending five gifts to End, transferring 15 Pokémon, sending five gifts to each Pokémon and adding one sticker, winning a level or higher rate, battling in two raids, and 10 times power of up off Pokémon after this step you will be rewarded with a rocket radar and Snorlax encounter.

Final Verdict

The Pokemon Anniversary Event Research‘s sixth step is all about fun. You have to claim six rewards, and after its completion, you will receive 2500 Stardust 2500 XP as well as a wash rotom encounter.

Are you a Pokemon fan? Please share about your inventory Pokemon with us via comments. Moreover, click here to know more about this event anniversary research. 

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