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Pokemon Bergmite Go (December 2021) How To Get It?

The guide shares details about the new ice-type Pokemon called Pokemon Bergmite Go.  

The Winter Wonderland Collection Challenge is a part of the Pokemon Go Holidays Event, which is live now. Trainers must complete the event before its expiry by trading the Ice-Type creature, Bergmite.

The Holidays Event 2021 comes with many new costumes, a Holiday Cup, and the debut of an ice-type creature, Bergmite. It is the most exciting creature that can evolve into Avalugg. It is found in the Kalos region and available since 23rd Dec 2021. It helps the trainer to fill out the Pokedex. 

The Worldwide players are eager to learn more about Pokemon Bergmite Go.   

What is Bergmite in Pokemon Go?

Bergmite is the ice chunk Pokemon first introduced in the 6th Gen of Pokemon game, but it has made a debut in the Pokemon Go game during the Winter Wonderland Event 2021. 

The ice chunk creator and its evolution Avalugg have been introduced into the game’s roster to commemorate the winter holiday event. The event is live now, and it lasts till New Year’s Eve. It will arrive in the second part of the event.

It means the creature will appear from 23rd Dec and lasts until 31st Dec. The creature will also be available within the game after the event. 

How Pokemon Bergmite Go and Its Evolution Can Help?

If your Bergmite converts into a Pokemon Go and functions like its predecessors in the original Pokemon game, the creature can emerge as the exciting inclusion in the roster. The creature is not very impressive, but its evolution has a high defense skill with ice typing. It means the creature may emerge as the robust counter-pick to win battles against the dangerous Dragon-type Pokemon.                 

The Avalugg has impressive defense stats combined with amazing move assortments and a CP ceiling of 3100. It makes the Pokemon Bergmite Go and its evolution quite powerful in the world of ice-type Pokemon.  

How to Get Bergmite in Pokemon Go?

Since the holiday event is about to end, Worldwide players are eager to know how to get the Bergmite in the game. There are two different ways to get the creature during the Wonderland Holiday Event 2021.

  • By hatching the creature from a 7KM Egg
  • In the wild, if you are lucky

The creature is categorized as rare spawn in the wild, and hence you need to stroll around the wild to get the Pokemon Bergmite Go. Trainers must use Glacial Lure Module to heighten their chance to catch the ice-type Pokemon.

There is very little chance to hatch the creature from the 7KM Egg during the event as five more creatures will be hatched from the same egg. So, you must use Super Incubators to accelerate the process and increase your chance.

Trainers may also get the creature by completing the event exclusive timed research. 

Take Away 

As a part of the Winter Holiday Event 2021, many new items have been added to the game, including the ice-type Pokemon, Pokemon Bergmite Go

However, there are different ways to catch the creature in the game. Use those methods and increase your chance to get the ice-type Pokemon and its evolution in the game. 

Do you already have the ice-type Pokemon, Bergmite? Please, share your experiences in the comment section. 

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