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Pokemon Go Psychic Fangs {Nov} Learn Ways To Get It!

In this post, we have discussed newly introduced Pokemon Go Psychic Fangs and various features and attributes of the move.

Are you a fan of the game AR Pokemon Go? Would you like to know about the newly launched move in the Pokemon Go game? If yes, tune into this article.

Pokemon Go has launched a cool new Psychic Fangs for the users. Many people worldwide, especially in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, want to know more. So, in this post, we will discuss Pokemon Go Psychic Fangs.

About Pokemon Go

Niantic created Pokemon GO, a free-to-play smartphone game for Android & iOS. On 6th July 2016, the game was first launched by Niantic, the developers of the AR game. In Pokemon Go, players catch Pokemon, develop them using candy, then strengthen them up in an attempt to acquire dominance of Gyms for their preferred party. 

Utilizing GPS technology, the Pokemon are linked to real-world places. PokeStops, which can be found at numerous real-world locations, help with this by dispensing goods for collecting and fighting Pokémon.

Let us learn more about Psychic Fangs and the learnerset of the Psychic move before discussing more on Pokemon Go Psychic Fangs.

About Psychic Fangs 

Psychic Fangs is just a Psychic-type move that does damage. It was first featured in Generation VII. It really was Bruxish’s hallmark film before Generation VIII. Psychic Fangs impose damage while removing Light Screens, Reflect, as well as Aurora Veil out from the opponent’s side of the pitch. 

If Psychic Fangs fails or the opponent is immune or shielded from Psychic Fangs, it would not destroy Light Screens, Reflect, as well as Aurora Veil. The user uses its psychic talents to bite the opponent. Light Screen & Reflect may also be harmed as a result of this.

Before knowing more about Pokemon Go Psychic Fangs, let us learn about the Pokemon who can get Psychic Fangs moves. 

About Psychic Fangs Learnset

There are many three ways to get Psychic Fangs, by levelling up, by TR or by breeding. Only Bruxish can get Psychic Fangs by levelling up, and Girafarig, Carvanha and Lillipup can get Psychic Fangs moves through breeding. 

List of Pokemon that can acquire Psychic Fangs by TR

  • Growlithe 
  • Aerodactyl 
  • Arcanine
  • Mew 
  • Steelix 
  • Espeon 
  • Mawile 
  • Manectric 
  • Electrike 
  • Sharpedo 
  • Carvanha 
  • Shinx 
  • Luxio 
  • Lillipup 
  • Luxray 
  • Herdier 
  • Swoobat 
  • Stoutland 
  • Basculin 
  • Tyrunt 
  • Lycanroc Midday Form 
  • Tyrantrum 
  • Lycanroc Midnight Form 
  • Silvally 
  • Lycanroc Dusk Form 
  • Solgaleo 
  • Greedent 
  • Boltund 
  • Necrozma 
  • Arrokuda 
  • Morpeko 
  • Barraskewda 
  • Dracovish 
  • Drakloak 
  • Arctovish 
  • Dragapult 
  • Zamazenta
  • Zacian 

About Pokemon Go Psychic Fangs

Psychic Fangs is a Charged Attack in Pokemon GO that was released on 21st November 2021 for Shinx Community Day. Psychic Fangs has a 100% probability of lowering the opponent’s defence by one level in the game.

The base power of the Psychic Fangs in Pokemon Go is 30, and the damage per second is 25. The newly introduced charge attack has a damaged window of 0.40 seconds and a move cooldown of 1.20 seconds. 


Psychic Fangs is one of the most powerful Psychic moves, and now that it is introduced in Pokemon Go, players will love it. Visit Psychic Fangs Pokemon Wiki page to know more about the move.

Was this article on Pokemon Go Psychic Fangs informative to you? If yes, comment on your favourite Psychic-type move in Pokemon Go. 

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