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Polemology Wordle {June} What Is This Game All About?

In this article, you will find the mystery behind the Polemology Wordle and what is the link between this word with the Wordle game.

What do you mean by the word Polemology? How is this word associated with the Wordle game? Is this a new update from the New York Time Wordle game? In countries like Australia and the United States, people are crazy about playing the Wordle Game.

Fans are always curious to find out if there are any update for the Wordle game, and they get to play the Wordle in a new style. So we will guide you if there is any Polemology Wordle or what is the mystery behind this word that links up with the Wordle game.

The mystery behind the Word Polemology

Wordle has many variants, like sudoku, Wordle, tiles, etc. One more variant of the wordle game, i.e., mini Wordle. Polemology is the clue for the mini Wordle. This word means analysis of human conflict or war. 

You can also say the study of them, so this word Polemology is the hint for the mini Wordle of NewYork times. So, this word is used for the Mini Wordle game. Eventually, it is the clue for the Mini Wordle.

Polemology Game

People are searching for a new update on the Wordle Game. The new word polemology is trending with wordle games online, so Wordle fans are excited knowing that there’s a new update or another Wordle is Available now to play.

But actually, it is the hint for the mini wordle game. And you can use words to find the answer for the new clue uploaded on the Mini Wordle. Moreover, the answer to the mini Wordle by looking at the given hint can be ‘Them.’ It is a four-letter answer because, in mini Wordle, the boxes are 4*4.

Polemology Is the Study of Them

The definition of the word Polemology can be helpful to find out the answer for the Mini Wordle. It is the hint provided for the new refresh of the game in which you must find a word that links or means the Word “Polemology.” 

Similar to normal Wordle, this game is also very easy to play. In mini Wordle, you will get boxes of 4 Letters, and you have to figure out the answer as same as in Wordle from the given clue. The colours of the boxes change to the correct answer. People were confused about whether Polemology Wordle is a new version or a Wordle game, but it is the hint for the mini Wordle. You can use the definition of the word Polemology to find the answer for the Mini Wordle.


People were looking for a new version of Wordle and came across the word Polemology. The word Polemology is the hint for the mini Wordle that you can use to find the answer for the mini Wordle game, as Definition is the answer.

Have you ever played mini Wordle before? Please share your comments regarding the Polemology Wordle game. You can play Wordle on this link.

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