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Polo Funding Review {Sep} Read More To Know

Polo Funding Review {Sep} Read More To Know -> Consolidate your credit card bills with hard-earned money without taking up loans.

Are you a first-time user of credit card? Did you spend all the money on your luxury and basic needs? All users of credit cards extensively answer these two questions. When we get a limit to spend money on products, services, and gifts, we tend to spend it all. Polo Funding Review will help you understand the working and risks of credit cards and the method of repaying by using consolidation. 

Many financial companies loan out money for repaying credit cards in the United States. Majority of them do not disclose hidden and essential policies that leave you with more debt. Therefore, the answer to their legitimacy question is elaborated in our article. Please read it till the last words to comprehend your condition and risks involved with third-party consolidation. 

What is Polo Funding?

Polo Funding is a finance company that helps you in lending out money. It generally charges less interest rate on your loaned amount. You can visit the website to calculate the interest according to your money requirement. However, it is affiliated with scammed money lending websites that raise its legitimacy level. 

What are the affiliated websites?

Polo Funding review disclosed an imperative door that stumbled us with legitimacy question. The finance and IP address authority have located over fifty websites that are linked to one another. Besides, all the websites are involved in scams and escape the negative feedback through multiple operated domains. Below are some of them:

  • Jackson Funding
  • Dune Ventures
  • Braidwood Capital
  • Tiffany Funding
  • Nickel Advisors 
  • Coral Funding, etc. 

How does Polo Funding work?

Polo Funding gives you an online tool to calculate interest on the money required. It promises less interest rate and to help you become debt-free. However, the negative reviews suggest that the company automatically charges an undefined sum of money from your bank accounts. Many users claim that the company never lends out any money after getting the form filled. 

What are the complaints about Polo Funding

According to negative Polo Funding Review, users claim that the company steals your identity to operate its affiliated fifty websites. When it does not give you money, it grabs the opportunity to steal your personal information. It is also said that polo funding sells your details to third-party scammers. 

Customer Feedback:

Polo Funding Review suggests that users know the finance company through its affiliated websites. They also claim that their negative comments never show up on the sites to warn the potential victims. Some customers say that they never get a response after talking to an executive and filling out a form. 

Final Verdict:

Polo Funding may seem the last resort to increase your credit score. However, it is never a good idea to pay off debts by loaning out money. Polo Funding Review is filled with scam allegations. Please do tell us your insight or experience with credit card consolidation.

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