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Pope Francis Pets Catholic {Jan} Read People Wordings

We have discussed Pope Francis Pets Catholic remarks and people’s reaction for his words in this post.

Do you have pets? Have you heard of the latest pet remarks made by Pope Francis? Would you live to dive in for more? If yes, tune into the post.  

Pope Francis’s controversial remarks on pet owners have enraged them worldwide, especially in Canada, the United States, Ireland and the United Kingdom. His remarks have started a huge debate on social media. So, in this post, we will talk about Pope Francis Pets Catholic remarks and why his remarks triggered people.

What did Pope Francis Say about Pet Owners? 

During a speaking session on parenthood at the Vatican, Pope Francis made some controversial remarks on pet owners in front of the general audience. The Pope said that pets are taking the place of the children in today’s society which is not good news for humanity. 

In his speech, he explained his worries that parenthood is fading from humanity as people are more comfortable in adopting pets rather than having children. Pope Francis also mentioned that to have pets rather than having kids is selfish. 

Why did Pope Francis Pets Catholic remarks trigger people?

Pope Francis is known as the Pope of the new age. The 85-year-old Sovereign of Vatican City priest never shies away in speaking what he thinks and expressing his beliefs to the people. It is not the first time Pope Francis’s remark has made headlines and caused controversies. 

In 2015, he made very controversial remarks on birth control that broke the internet. This time he slammed people without kids. His remarks on having one kid and two cats & two dogs are heavily scrutinized on social media. 

What are Common People’s reactions to Pope’s Pet Remarks?

Pope Francis Pets Catholic remarks have broken the internet. Pet owners all over the world have expressed their dissatisfaction over the Pope’s remarks on social media.  

Some people are calling Pope Francis’s remarks on pet owners to seem insensitive and justified. At the same time, other proud pet owners have shared happy pictures with their pets as a reaction to the Pope’s remarks. 

There are also multiple articles on the internet written by pet lovers and no child couples to show their disappointment on Pope Francis’s pet over children is selfish remarks. 

One such article from a writer from The Philadelphia Inquirer talks about Pope Francis Pets Catholic remarks. She explains that she, and her husband have no kids and the Pope’s words have made them feel offended. 

She further explained that his speech also mentioned it takes away humanity when people deny motherhood, and fatherhood were very offensive for many people for childless couples. 


The controversy regarding Pope Francis’s insensitive remarks against pets is not going too soon. More and more people worldwide are taking his speech personally and reacting against it. Visit this News website  to learn more about how people have reacted against Pope’s words. 

Was this article on Pope Francis Pets Catholic remarks helpful to you? If yes, comment your opinion on Pope’s remarks. 

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