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Pophomestyle com Reviews [July] Will It Legit For Shop?

Pophomestyle com Reviews [July] Will It Legit For Shop? -> In this customer review post, we are spotting whether an online retailer is legit or Scam?

Are you looking for a custom collection of Home Décor, Bathroom Accessories, and small appliances? Then Pophomestyle com might suit you the most. In this Pophomestyle Com Reviews post, we are going to discuss everything about their products and policies.

Located in the United States, Pophomestyle Com offers a vast range of Home Decor, Bathroom Accessories, and small appliances.

However, Is Pophomestyle com Legit or Scam? Is it safe to buy products from them? Don’t worry! Just read this Pophomestyle com Reviews post till then end, 

What is Pophomestyle Com?

Pophomestyle com is an online selling the platform, where you can purchase Different varieties of products in Home Décor, Bathroom accessories and small appliances.

They also claim to sell the custom collection for different professions, hobbies, sports, and passion.

Currently, They are selling products including Massage Gun, water-cooled air conditioner, Decorative Chair Covers, Biodegradable Grass Seed Mat and a lot of fantastic products. Their covers might be an excellent choice for you if you have pets at your Home. They are also offering 5 per cent instant discount on each purchase and also provide free shipping on each purchase more than 49 USD.

Also, Buy more Save more offers are going on some of their products, in which they are offering upto 10% discounts on bulk purchase. 

Orders are usually processed and shipped within 3 working days, and the order cancellation period is upto 12 hrs from the time of purchasing. Pophomestyle com is developed using Shopify com.

Their incredible and unique products can attract anyone, including you, but if you don’t want to be part of the Scam.

Then, we suggest you have patience and read this Pophomestyle Com Reviews post till the end.

Moreover, To identify; Is Pophomestyle Com Legit or a scam? Let’s focus on some of their specifications first, 

 Specifications of Pophomestyle Com

  • Type: An acclaimed online retailer
  • Products: House Holds, Bathroom accessories and small appliances.
  • Website address: https://pophomestyle.com 
  • Name of a corporation: Isn’t appropriately mentioned.
  • CountryUnited States
  • Shipping: Global Shipping Available.
  • Order Cancelation: Not Available 
  • Return Policy:  within 14 days of delivery. 
  • Refund Policy: 100% Refund on approval.
  • Payment Options: Multiple options are available
  • Social Media: Not presents
  • Offline Location; Isn’t mentioned
  • Email: customerserviceTian@outlook.com

 Pros about Pophomestyle Com;

  • Phphomestyle ensures the security of their end-users by using SSL (https) encryption.
  • Good Refund and Return policies are available.
  • Order Cancellation policy is available. 
  • Website Pophomestyle com is well designed and maintained.
  • Pophomestyle com occupies authentic (.com) extension.  
  • Global shipping is available.
  • Brief product descriptions are available. 

Cons about Pophomestyle Com;

  • New domain authority,
  • Pophomestyle com just registered 14 days ago.
  • Affiliate and disclaimer policies aren’t appropriately mentioned.
  • Fake customer review section.

Is Pophomestyle legit or Scam?

After our brief online research about pophomestyle, we found some significant factors like it’s SSl (https) encrypted, well designed and maintained, occupies authentic (.com) domain extension and brief product reviews are available.  

Moreover, some harmful factors are new domain authority, absence on social media handles, fake customer reviews, and no offline office location mentioned adequately.

Though, Is Pophomestyle com Legit or a scam? From our brief research, we can conclude that pophomestyle com is 100 per cent scam, an online retailer.

What consumers are talking about Pophomestyle com; is it legit or a scam?

One of the most critical factors for an online retailer is what its consumers are talking about their shopping experience? We went ahead, with the thought of gathering all the reviews available over the internet. 

However, due to new domain authority, we didn’t found any consumer reviews online. Moreover, Reviews available on Pophomestyle Com loos like fake or auto-generated. 

 Wrapping Up

Though, In this Pophomestyle Com Reviews post, we discussed everything about their products, specifications, pros, cons, including their shipping, cancellation, and privacy policies. 

Pophomestyle com is newly registered web domain. They aren’t present on social media, no contact details mentioned properly, fake or auto-generated consumer reviews and absence on social media.

This all factors give us a red flag about this online selling platform. Though, if you don’t want to get cheated, we will not suggest you buy anything from this acclaimed online retailer. It’s a scam to cheat and catch you.

Also, It will be great for us, as well as for our readers if you share your own shopping experience of Pophomestyle com with us.

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  1. The product I received in NO WAY resembled the product advertised. What I ordered was advertised as 17″X 52″ folded (unexpanded) What I received was 6″x 16″
    See photos below.
    This is total fraud!!

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