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Porque Roblox Caiu {Nov} Read What Official Team Says!

In this post, we have discussed Porque Roblox Caiu, what issues users were facing and when it will recover.

Do you enjoy playing Roblox? Are you happy that Roblox is back again? Would you like to know why Roblox was down for almost three days? If yes, then keep reading. 

The popular gaming platform Roblox has been facing outages since Friday 29th October. Game enthusiasts around the world, especially in Brazil, want to know why Roblox was down. So, we will discuss Porque Roblox Caiu

About Roblox 

Roblox is the most popular online gaming platform in the world. The gaming platform not only offers games for players but also lets developers create their games on the platform for other players. 

As per reports by Statista, the platform has over 43 million users as of 2021. Another synonym by Sensor Tower explains that Roblox has the fifth largest in terms of consumer spending in the world on the App store. 

Recently the online gaming platform was down due to some unknown issue. Let us know more about what happened to Roblox prior to learning more on Porque Roblox Caiu.

What happened to Roblox?

Roblox was down for almost 60 hours from 10:30 pm GMT on 28 October 2021, 10:30 pm Washington DC, USA time on 28 October 2021 or 04:00 am Indian Standard Time on 28 October 2021. This sudden outage has brought a lot of discomfort and reliability among Roblox users around the world.

At first, there was no official clarification from Roblox on why the online platforms server was down. Roblox lost more than 3 million global player count before and 4 million during this server outage, according to some reports. 

As there was no explanation on Porque Roblox Caiu, users started reporting their issues on Twitter. Some of the common issues players were facing were authentication issues. Users were logged out randomly from their accounts and weren’t able to log in. 

The online platform’s Roblox Studio was not working. The audio or visual content on the website was not loading. The in-game visuals and content were totally unavailable, and the API thumbnail was totally out. Some users were also facing connection errors.

As per the famous online platform the Down Detector, more than 40 thousand Roblox users have reported some or other issues regarding Roblox only on their site. 

Porque Roblox Caiu?

For two days, the world was in blue on why Roblox went down. No official explanation from Roblox made this situation worse.

Roblox users started speculating on various reasons behind the issue. Many users were theorizing that Roblox had not updated their server for a long time. There were other guesses that the platform was hacked. 

Now Roblox has an official explanation that there was an internal issue, and they are working on it. And soon, the site will recover.


Roblox has been down since last Friday. Roblox was officially notified of an internal error, they are looking after it, and Roblox will be back soon. Visit the official Roblox Twitter page  to know more.

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