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Portbat Reviews [June] Shopping Here Is Risky or Not

Portbat Reviews [June] Shopping Here Is Risky or Not -> In this article, we review Portbat, an online shopping store that sells gifts, clothes, jewelery, and all accessories. You get to read about all the details related to this website, like pricing details, shipping details, and all other relevant information.

Are you looking to buy some accessories, gifts or bags, or jewelery? Or you want to purchase clothing, but they are expensive everywhere? Portbat is the right place for that. It offers several deals on several times at a reasonable price.

Portbat Review

Buying online has become much more comfortable, and you can find everything at a lower price in online stores.

Currently, the site is trending in the United States, where it gets a moderate amount of traffic and has gained some popularity. But should you buy products from this site? Are the items offered on this site worth your money?

According to Portbat Reviews, this site offers items at affordable prices. In this review of Portbat Club, we will look at all the specific details of this site. Does it provide useful quality items? Should I buy items from this website? Does it charge for shipping? and the most important question of all – Is Portbat website legit or not?

What is Portbat Club?

Portbat.club is an online retail store that provides several offers on several items and accessories

It has an extensive product range that spans bags, gifts, jewelry, clothing, and all related accessories, and more. Portbat promises to provide high-quality products at reasonable prices. They have a vast collection of several products and always keep their collections up-to-date with all the latest trends so that it’s users do not miss out on anything.

Let’s look at some other details of this site, as mentioned below.

Specifications of Portbat Club:

  • Website-  Gifts, Jewelry, Clothing, Bags, and accessories.
  • Shipping time- 1-5 business days (Worldwide delivery)
  • Delivery time- 1-2 weeks (worldwide delivery)
  • Return-  It is applicable within 30 days from when the product is shipped.
  • Exchange- It applies to a majority of products.
  • Refund- within a few weeks after returning the product.
  • Mode of payment- Debit Card/Credit Card/ PayPal/ Stripe
  • Email- portbat.sale@outlook.com

Is Portbat Club legit?

Portbat Club has been around for a significant amount of time and has gained some popularity in a few countries. All the necessary information that makes it user trustworthy, like address, email, and contact number, has been provided on the website. Portbat also ensures an exceptional customer care service who will see to your every need and requirement.

In light of all this information, the Portbat website seems legit. However, it’s not without its faults.

Customer reviews are not available on this site. Shipping and delivery period is long, and if you’re living outside of the US, it might be even longer. Also, for our readers living outside of the US, they might find this site a little expensive. Also, they are not easygoing on returns.

But, the site is legit. Portbat website is not a scam.

Pros of buying from Portbat Club:

  • You can get all the latest trends and designs in one place.
  • Products are available at relatively lower prices.
  • They provide worldwide delivery.
  • All the items are of high quality.

Cons of buying from Broocade Club:

  • It does not allow the customer to post reviews.
  • You have to bear the cost of returning the damaged product to the provided address. 
  • People outside of the US will find it very expensive. 
  • People living outside of the US might get late delivery.

What are the customers saying about Broocade.club?

Portbat.club does not allow users to post their reviews on a product. However, you can search the internet to read the experiences of users of buying from this site. A majority of people are satisfied with the products they received. The pricing was said to be cheap on selected sales and offers that come every once in a while. 

Although some were critical of the quality of the material, they were not displeased with their product as the pricing was not too high.

Some users complained that they received a faulty product, which they returned, but they had to go through a lot of work to have their product returned.

The exchanged product may take a long time to get delivered if you’re living outside of the US.

Final Verdict

The site delivers premium quality products at a very reasonable price. The site has become somewhat famous in the United States.

The site is well maintained and easy to use. The shop is updated with new products periodically, keeping in mind all the latest trends.

All the relevant information like email, address, and phone number is provided on the website, which makes the website appear trustworthy.

We suggest that our readers take a leap of faith and order from this website. We have reason to believe that this website is not a scam. So, Portbat website is legit.

78 thoughts on “Portbat Reviews [June] Shopping Here Is Risky or Not

    1. I believe they are too
      The address is showing up as a farm house and the company name Portbat is not coming up but other companies are under that address n the phone number has been disconnected.
      Libby Holmes

      1. Portbat is Not a company that you want to order anything from. I placed an order for a trampoline in mid April and just when I thought my trampoline was arriving at my house it wasn’t not even close to what I ordered. You can’t talk to anyone in the phone, it’s just emails so when I emailed them about the mix up and asked if they could get my correct order expedited for the inconvenience and I was told No and then when I asked for a full refund they said they could only give back 80% of my purchase to help cover some of the expenses. The best the said they could do was 85% and I should get it in 7-11 business days. It’s now day 12 and I sent another email asking about my refund for them to tell me it’s going thru a third party and it could take a month. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from Portbat. They will send you the wrong merchandise and make you pay for part of the cost and wait even longer to get your money back.

        1. We are sorry for something that went wrong with you, if you want an exact answer to your question, please go for the official website for further query…

    2. Scam Web site, don’t buy anything from them. Wish I knew how to get the site taken offline!

      1. The worst experience I’ve ever had! Never received my order and now they sale it’ll get a month before i get a refund

    3. There a scam, I ordered a 10ft outdoor children’s trampoline and the sent me two face mask 😷.

      Muffer is the same as Portbat & both are scams. They have the same email address & ship thru bogus 17Track & use the same shipping # multiple times. They claim my furniture was delivered to my mailbox. My mailbox is too small, duh. Instead I’ve been receiving small packages of face masks from China that I did not order. They provide BS shipping logs when you inquire and it’s all in a foreign language from made up ports. GEEZ – when you think prices are too good to be true, they are with these fake companies 🙁 Submit a dispute claim with credit card company immediately !!!

      1. I ordered a trampoline. Waited a month a half. I received three face masks. Now they’re saying I received my order. I don’t think so… I’m reporting them to my Attorney General., Local Police, FTC. They offered me an 80 percent refund. Will not order from this site again. If they scam everyone out of money. They’re making a killing.

        1. Omg I just wrote them asking where my order and they just told me it was delivered on the 18 in mailbox.im going crazy because I’m thinking to myself like a trampoline can not fit in my mailbox but I did receive a set a 5 face mask and was wondering where they came from .now that I read yours and others comment now I see the item they said was delivered was not my trampoline but face mask omg

          1. Omg as I’m reading these reviews I now know where i got these damn white masks from.. I order so much things that i didn’t pay attention to it. I ordered a trampoline in May and it says it was delivered in June to my mailbox. There is no way in the world it fit. I already put a claim to PayPal and now that I know it was these mask im going to let them know I received the wrong item and this is not the first time this company has done this.

        1. I had the same thing happen. I tried to resolve it with them and they kept sending me emAils saying they needed the order number and my legit email, all of which I provided to them. I also sent a copy of the receipt and they said it was blurry. It was clear on my side. I filed a dispute with PayPal but have not had any resolution as of yet.

      1. I’m waiting for a chair I bought months ago it keeps saying in transit. I don’t think I will ever order from this company ever again.

    1. Please let me know if u got ur item I recently got scammed on another site for $200 and I’m really scared to get scammed again! I would like to order a trampoline, but wanna know for sure if in gonna get my item.

      1. Seem like scam to me….after I ordered! Shall see, but more than shady. I would not again myself.

        1. I ordered the trampoline for $65 on the 23rd the tracking number says it’s in China still and it’s been 3 weeks I’m debating on just calling my bank and canceling and getting my money back I’ll wait 1 more weeks before I do. Just incase

          1. I order a trampoline also and I have not received anything I am on the fence about the speeding at if I do not receive something I haven’t even received confirmation but yet my money is out of my credit card

        1. If you didnt cancel it yet I would I order the trampoline for my daughters and it says it was delivered today and all they got was some stupid plain white face mask

        2. Cancel!!! Cancel!!! THIS IS A SCAM!!!
          After waiting for weeks you’ll receive face mask.. I ordered a console table and received face mask like everyone else.

          1. If your order is wrong, please go for a specific website to know your order track! Thanks for your response..!!!!

      2. They scammed me out of $123! DO NOT ORDER FRIM THEM! They ship from China and make you think your items are coming but they send face masks!! Its a big screw you, but they will get theirs!

      3. Omg I just wrote them asking where my order and they just told me it was delivered on the 18 in mailbox.im going crazy because I’m thinking to myself like a trampoline can not fit in my mailbox but I did receive a set a 5 face mask and was wondering where they came from .now that I read yours and others comment now I see the item they said was delivered was not my trampoline but face mask omg

    2. I just ordered a trampoline for my daughter’s bday and when I paid they said the page doesn’t exist and they never responded either for my refund

  1. Hi Salina you ordered from Portbat? There are a couple of dresser’s i really want n need their prices are great! But i cannot get a hold of them and it seems when i copied their address they have different names and it looks like a farm house for SALE? IDK please let me know if you get in touch with them?
    Thank you,
    Libby Holmes 301.378

    1. It’s a scam!!!!!! I ordered a trampoline and received N95 masks! And they had the nerve to say they can only refund 80% because of shipping or whatever! How am I at fault for y’all sending me something other than what I ordered!!!

  2. I ordered and they show up in Chinese on my PayPal as a charge. I will give it a month and If I haven’t received my items I’ll report back.

  3. It’s a scam. DON’T BUY FROM THEM. I Just purchased something with my credit card. After it processed.. It went back to the cart/checkout page and said my cart was empty. Tried to call them… Number is disconnected. Googled the address… A random house. AND I found another website called Musover with the exact same website and address… I knew it was too good to be true. Gonna have to cancel my credit card.

    1. i ordered a chair , i’ve called disconnected ph, i’ve emailed them twice … nothing ! it’s only been 3 days
      since i made the order, and the only thing i received saying and asking me to update my paypal? So i too will wait and see if the chair i ordered arrived luckily it was only 57.00 but still

      1. I’m going through the same thing I ordered my chair in April haven’t seen anything yet. Phone disconnected it keeps telling me my order is in transit. I think I made a big mistake ordering from this company the chair is paid for already.

    2. I looked all that up and yes it’s true, it’s a scam! Thankfully I was doing my research before because I too wanted to purchase a trampoline thinking this is a fuckin’ deal! but the address on there is a house on the market and I looked up the musover sight and that was was claimed a slam and has the same number address and website name. FAKE FAKE FAKE!

      1. Thank you for the advice, I was about to order that same chair! It sounds so good to be true.

    3. So fed up with these scam sites can they not find a real job to make money instead of trying to scam hard working people who are just trying to buy something for their children and still save a little money??!! This is some bulls*** and these people running these ‘websites’ needa face stiff penalties and/or jail time for doin stuff like this .. smh

  4. I just ordered from their last night.. seems scetchy .. But they updated me that the order was confirmed and I paid through PayPal Incase it was a scam, I trust PayPal.. so I’m hoping it’s not.. has anyone received anything they ordered from the site .

    1. Hello I’m in the same vote I think. I too ordered merchandise I have a tracking number hopefully it’s on its way it’s been stuck in China airport for 5 days now I will let y’all know how it goes..

    2. I paid thru PayPal , I cancelled order within 5 min after ordering it, seller confirmed cancelation, I’ve been waiting for refund for almost month now, filed claim through PayPal,. I ordered a chair as well, so stupid of me.

  5. As I commented before I ordered from portbat a trampoline and I received a tracking number and it was shipped as of today by the shipping history… will update again if I receive it

    1. Hi Summer, I wanted to buy the trampoline also but the site does not give me an option to use paypal. Please let me know if you receive the trampoline & the quality so I can order it. Cookie1105@icloud.com

      1. I ordered a trampoline as well, on 4/21. Got an email with a USPS tracking # on 4/28 saying it shipped, I would receive it in 10-15 days. Tracking info stops on May 10th and USPS tracking keeps saying Origin post is preparing shipment.. I also paid with PayPal but they’re closed right now bc of pandemic! So is USPS cust Svc, so I can’t get any help right now! I’ve emailed at least 5 times, and also tried the non working number!! This is so frustrating! The address says it’s coming from WA but shipping from China… has scam all over it. I’m so pissed. Was a huge surprise bday present for my 9 year old who can’t have a party 😢😫🤬

    2. Just ordered a trampoline for my son – how did you get a tracking number??
      We got nothing in the mail or in the cart but the charges have been processed.
      Pretty sure it is coming from china but i have no tracking or order number. So confusing…

    3. Please reply once you receive it. I am also planning to buy a trampoline. The price is too good to be true.

  6. I ordered a trampoline because it was a great price. I ordered on 4/15/20 and it was taking out of my account on 4/17/20. I ordered from here because they were located in WA. On 4/23/20 I received a tracking number and when I tracked it……it was shipping from China???? I immediately tried calling phone was disconnected so I emailed asking what was up with a non working phone number and why my item was being shipped from China because the reason I ordered from them was because they were in the states. This was my response “Hi, Because the phone number is too hot to connect, you can contact by email, we will reply you as soon as possible.” Notice that it is not grammatically correct nor did they even respond to why it was shipped from China when they are supposedly in the US. So I have tracked the number since then and my husband comes in today with the mail asking me if I ordered any facemasks……YEP they sent me 2….yes 2 facemask because I checked the tracking number and it was the same one. I emailed them again with NO response this time. I then went to my credit card and looked at the transaction…Portbat is not the name under the charge and the address was from AZ so I called the number….it is a law firm in KY! I immediately called my credit card company and typically you have to wait on a dispute for weeks sometimes, not this time! I explained everything, she put in all the information and they immediately refunded my money back on my card. Bottom line is THIS PLACE IS A TOTAL SCAM AND RULE OF THUMB IS IF IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT USUALLY IS!!! BE AWARE IF YOU TRY TO PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

  7. Has anyone received their purchases? I just tried to order a trampoline and once I pressed complete order the page loaded saying page can not be found. I checked my email and order history no record of my order. I checked my bank account next and the payment was taken out. Tried to call them and number is disconnected, google address and a listing for farm house shows up. I emailed them and I am awaiting their response. I really hope this is not a scam but it’s starting to look like it is😪

  8. This is a bullshit scam. My bank just invested and I got my money back within 5 days. This is NOT A LEGITIMATE site! You can not get in contact with the people who advertise this crap!



  11. I have written 3 or 4 bad reviews that were not posted.

    Even after all of this feedback “dodbuzz.com” still says:
    “We suggest that our readers take a leap of faith and order from this website. We have reason to believe that this website is not a scam. So, Portbat website is legit.”

    They probably manage this site too. DON’T BUY FROM THEM

  12. This is scam ! Don’t buy anything ! They don’t refund and lie that they shipped the product !!!

  13. Its a Scam Please dont waste your money… I buy 2 items here more than a month ago and I never received them, I write to them but they never answer, they delete my account from their system, was supposed to be delivered by 17track and then they here in US use USPS for the deliveries but I never got my items.

  14. I recently purchased a 5 drawer dresser that was stated to be sold and shipped by an US address yet finding out that the product was coming from China which was first estimated that delivery would be on May 21, 2020 in which I just received today to find that I was scammed. I was sent mask!!! Possibly tainted. I will now report what I would have just labeled as bad business, this company proved to be a scam to me. FYI my bank was notified immediately when an amount different from an amount I authorized was charged to my account and Portbat not showing up as the merchant I made a purchase from and after I closed that account initiating an investigation we found the same company/ location made two more attempts to get money out of my account. I have my invoice to the dresser I was supposed to have purchased but I got Non sterile FACE MASKS instead. Not very happy about and angry that someone or entity feels they can victimize people in even more profound and dangerous way.

  15. Hello I am sorry that happened to you. However, you can still reach out to PayPal. You just have to do the live chat. You can log into your account and go to that particular item of purchase and when you click on it it will give you a dispute option. They will respond rather quickly. I have done it a couple times since the pandemic and I received my refund on one and I finally received the item in the other. I felt better once PayPal told me they had made contact with the seller and my item was on the way.

  16. SCAM. We paid and ordered a trampoline and thet sent us a face mask. WTF… do not order. Now we get to go and try to get money back.

  17. This is a scam. Ordered a trampoline April8, 2020. Today May 29,2020my tracking number pkg was delivered I was so excited for the kids. It was a bag with masks in it! I am so sad for my kiddos. Can not find any trampolines any where.


  19. I ordered the same trampoline and guess what….when I got home after it delivered it was a little package in the mailbox that included 3 n95mask.🤦I order from PayPal so I’m trying to dispute it.

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  21. I ordered 4 hard drives from them. The price was very cheap. But I placed the order because their website listed them in Washington state (Bellingham). When I received their shipping notification, I noticed it said the product was coming from Hong Kong. I felt this was very deceptive. I did write them to complain about this and they responded quickly but just confirming their products come from Hong Kong. It’s been 10 days and I don’t yet have my package but I did receive a notification from USPS that my package has been process through their facility so I am hopeful I will get it. Portbat’s original email said 15-25 days for delivery.

  22. IT IS A SCAM!!! 100% They are sending everyone a small pack of cheap face masks instead of trampolines, and then saying it was an accident in processing. This has happened to hundreds of people. Then they will not respond or refund you after that. They are skilled in the art of procrastinating until it is too late to do anything about it. Even my receipt was dated 8 months into the future. How is THAT possible. Do not fall for it. SCAM!

  23. I ordered trampoline and they sent facemask. where can we report. I opened dispute to Paypal but seems not help.
    Is there any other website atleast i can report for US consumer so that other people will not cheat like me?

  24. I ordered a SD HardDrive and also received Face Masks..
    This place like so many that are run out of communist China need shut down or tagged with a Warning..

  25. I ordered a $65 trampoline in April and what arrived last week was a few masks I didnt order. I have been fighting with them the whole time just to get tracking info. They offered to refund me $50 today which is ridiculous since my product didnt arrive and took 3 months. This company is bull shit. It has a WA address online but definitely is in China and they have idea what the hell customer service is!

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