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Power XL 1700w Reviews {Nov 2020} Buy After Reading It!

Power XL 1700w Reviews {Nov 2020} Buy After Reading It! >> This article tells how an air fryer can change your healthy routine and kitchen, is it worth!

Don’t you want to eat healthy and tasty at the same time? Does your outdated air fryer has become a hurdle in your daily delicious, healthy food? From Power XL 1700w Reviews, find out more about an air fryer that will change your kitchen routine. 

Power Air Fryer XL 5.3 Quart is a power air fryer that doesn’t fry your food like potato fries, shrimps, chicken, steak, and other bakery items. The people from the United States are using the air fryers so much; they invest in them like other essentials. 

Its turbo cyclonic air works magic on your food, and without extra oils and grease, it yields a crispy and fried taste. Also, it is very easy to operate without any tension of pre-training.

The answer to your most awaited question that Is Power XL 1700w Legit or not is answered in this article. 

What is Power Air Fryer XL 5.3 Quart? 

Air Fryer is a superb technology that promotes healthy and tasty food without adding calories. Power AirFryer XL brings the 5.3 Quart model with Turbo Cyclonic Air instead of oil.

Its sleek black body adds to your fancy look at the kitchen. The digital touchscreen enables smooth functioning without any hassle. Through its 7-one touch pre-sets feature, one can easily cook fries, shrimps, steak, chicken, and bakery goodies. 

Its large non-sticky container that can adjust 5.3 quarts of food comes with a removable divider in Power XL 1700w Reviews, which lets you cook two meals at a time. 


  • Power Air Fryer XL 5.3 QT is made of plastic and black. 
  • The shiny body of the air fryer is 16.1 pounds in weight. 
  • It was first available on 12th September 2016. 
  • To make healthy food without grease and oil, it works on Air Rapid technology.
  • Turbo Cyclonic Air helps in air frying the food.
  • It has an impressive digital touchscreen that allows undemanding to fuss about its functioning. 
  • The 7-one touch pre-sets for food like fries, shrimps, chicken, steak, and bakery items is a simple way to navigate around conveniently. 

Pros of the product 

  • In Power XL 1700w Reviews, its Turbo Cyclonic Air ensures a healthy lifestyle with no trans fats, no greasy mess, and no high calories as it doesn’t need oil.
  • It has a touch screen body which allows smooth and quick meal as per convenience.
  • You can control the time and temperature as you need.
  • It comes with a cooking book for different recipes. 

Cons of the product 

  • The non-stick coating from the pan may peel out after some time.
  • The 7-one touch pre-sets icons may be misleading without anything written on it for some recipes. 
  • People are complaining about its basket’s coating.

Is Power Air Fryer XL 5.3 Quart a Legit or a Scam product? 

The product was first available on 12th September 2016, and the main query here is – Is Power XL 1700w Legit or not. The air fryer is not a new product in the market as it has gained mixed reviews till now.

Its whirlwinds of superheated air can do magic on your food and cook it with golden brown colour. One doesn’t have to worry about the oil and mess created with it because it doesn’t need it. 

But as few people complain about the coating on the cooking basket coming out and it not working after a few months. Though it isn’t a scam product, consumers should go through every detail before buying this air fryer. 

Customer’s Reviews 

It has received mixed Power XL 1700w Reviews on reliable and trusted sources by many of its customers. 

Some people find it a great innovation through which they can have tasty and healthy food. It makes excellent fries, wings, chicken strips, and many more dishes. 

Others found the outer basket non-stick coating peeling off in just a few months or weeks. Few even complained about its ceased working, which is a wrong impression and seems a total waste. 


The product performs in the market for a long time, and people have taken their time to give both negative and positive reviews about it. 

The bottom line with Is Power XL 1700w Legit or not is that it doesn’t seem to be fraud or a scam. It has its faults and errors, whereas it has also made many dinner tables happy.

Its Rapid Air technology, digital touchscreen, and seven one-touch easy pre-set features are at a cost, and one must do well-research before placing an order. 

Please share your knowledge of this product with us in the feedback section.

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